Hyatt Mlife Status Match to Explorist if you “Dropped” to Discoverist!

The day has come…the new World of Hyatt. Hopefully you already linked your Mlife and Hyatt accounts, especially if you were Platinum and now are Discoverist – now the lowest tier in the 3 tiered World of Hyatt. More importantly than that, hopefully you have, or do, take my advice and link your account with your spouse or roommates next time you’re in Vegas so they get your Mlife status.

Hyatt Mlife Status Match

So now both you and your spouse/roommate/live-in-whatever should be at least Mlife Gold if you were Platinum. Now is the time for the trickery. Request a Hyatt Mlife status match from Mlife back to Hyatt to become Hyatt Explorist if you are Mlife Gold.

Hyatt Mlife Status Match
Hyatt Mlife Status Match. Mlife Gold = Hyatt Explorist

The reason this “backdoor” exists is because Hyatt and Mlife’s systems don’t seem to talk well to each other.  What that also means is that this is a very manual process to get matched from Mlife back to Hyatt:

How to get Hyatt Status from Mlife

Just email with your M life Rewards and World of Hyatt membership numbers and ask for a status match to Hyatt. Be prepared – when we did the trick to get my husband Hyatt Platinum it did take a couple emails to get a response. Also, if there happens to be an onslaught of requests it may look a tad suspicious but we shall see!

How long can this go on?

When your Mlife Gold status expires on October 1 you can hopefully do this trick again. Match again from Hyatt to Mlife Gold. Then when your status expires in Hyatt match the other way around. Frankly though…the chances of M life and Hyatt not 1) finding out about this trick and 2) not fixing it, is low. In the meantime though…enjoy 🙂

Who else has gifted their spouse hotel status through this trick? 

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3 thoughts on “Hyatt Mlife Status Match to Explorist if you “Dropped” to Discoverist!

  1. We’re gifting our Emotional Support menagerie (including our turkey) so they can gift us back countless times…if possible.

    WofH has broken our spirit and enthusiasm for Hyatt…but checking in soon for our first outing out as a Globalist while our significant other waits anxiously in Vegas to meet at the MLife desk.

    Will the MLife properties allow our ESA’s in? Hmmm #FirstWorldProblems

  2. If we’re mLife Gold how do we get Hyatt to match this?

    BTW, no way to subscribe to new comments? I have to remember to check back in a few days? Please enable in WordPress.

    1. Hi Ken,

      As I described in the post just email with your M life Rewards and World of Hyatt membership numbers and ask for a status match to Hyatt. It took doing this two times to get a response from Mlife, and a few weeks for status to show up so it is not instantaneous.

      As far as subscribing to new comments, Ben handles plugins and such for the site so I told him about your suggestion. I’m sure he will look into it quickly.

      Thanks for reading!


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