Why I’m Putting Paid Stays at Hilton (right now)

Recently I have been putting any paid stays at Hilton for a few reasons. Recent promos have been excellent, base earnings are great, and by using a Hilton credit card earnings can stack very quickly. If you’re like me and don’t travel enough to earn top tier status at any hotel chain it’s key to pay attention to the best promos at any given time and maximize points earning opportunities.

Recent Hilton Anaheim ROI

My recent stay at the Hilton Anaheim was a total of about $180 for one night which will net me almost 13,000 points. Based on a valuation of .5 cents per Hilton point that’s a return of $67, or 37%! Even better it was for a work trip so no out of pocket cost for me!

How did those points pile up so quick? Well, unfortunately, a couple of these promos are over but this still shows why paying attention to promos as well as travel/points blog is so important to maximizing your return. The screenshot is below but the main points grabs were based on:

  • 5,000 points for booking via the app and paying with a Visa (promo ended 1/31)
  • 3x base points promo for booking via the app (promo also ended)
  • Standard points based on status and such
  • 2,000 points (not shown below) for paying with my Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card which gives 10x on points. I recently picked this card up to get the sign-up bonus for the Conrad Maldives. Normally I would use my Hilton Surpass AmEx for 12x points but the 5,000 bonus on the app meant this Hilton card made far more sense.
Paid stays at Hilton. 11,000 points Hilton Anaheim bonus and promos
All for a $180 stay

Bottom Line

Right now the Hilton promos are still a generous 2x points offer and 500 points for booking through the app. Not going to get 37% return with that but always register for promos and pay attention to those pesky emails – or blogs like this!

My strategy of putting paid stays at Hilton properties may change with the next round of hotel promos but right now Hilton is consistently offering the best return when paying for hotel rooms.

Anyone else been able to take advantage of lucrative Hilton promos? Or disagree and are focusing their spend elsewhere for a great return?

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