Mlife Hyatt Partnership – Now The Most Lucrative in Las Vegas

There are some basics to know in the Mlife Hyatt partnership before I dive into the specifics. First, it is now the most lucrative since the SPG and Total Rewards partnership ended. Basically, you can match your Hyatt status to Mlife and earn Hyatt points for Mlife stays. This can be very lucrative as you get at least 5 points per $1 spent at MGM Properties. As long as you have linked your accounts, and confirm your Hyatt number is showing during check-in at an MGM property you’re set. I suggest checking out the Hyatt FAQ’s for a lot of the specifics but the main benefits are below

Main Benefits of Mlife Hyatt Partnership

  • Almost any charges made to your room earn at least 5 points per dollar. Or more depending on your Hyatt or Mlife status. This includes restaurant charges at any MGM resort – not just the hotel you are staying at.
  • Status match to an Mlife tier
    • Hyatt Platinum -> Mlife Gold
    • Hyatt Diamond -> Mlife Platinum
    • Unfortunately this is changing a lot on March 1, 2017 with the roll-out of World of Hyatt – Hyatt’s new rewards program. MATCH YOUR STATUS NOW!
  • Get eligible stays towards Hyatt status by staying at an MGM Resorts property
  • If you are an Mlife member you receive 8 tier credits per $1 of eligible spend toward your Mlife status at Hyatt properties

These are just a few of the main benefits but overall there are tons of articles and blog posts out there about this partnership. Google those to get a better gist but keep in mind the status matching will be changing March 1st. Loyalty Traveler has a good overview of the changes to expect with the new World of Hyatt.

The Lesser Known Benefit

The main benefits have been covered extensively in many articles. As someone who has probably gone to Vegas 25+ times in my life I’ve become scarily familiar with gambling and getting cheaper room rates (being a 4 hour drive from Vegas is a blessing and a curse).

Cheaper room rates
  • Use your Mlife players card everywhere for everything. Slots, blackjack, video poker, all of it. For charges, the more you put on your room the higher your Mlife tier credits, as well as Hyatt points.
  • This all matters because your hotel room rates are cheaper the more Mlife values you as a player and customer. You may know “high rollers” get cheap, or free, rooms but even normal run of the mill gamblers and spenders can as well.
  • DO NOT BOOK YOUR MGM RESORTS ROOM OFF THE GENERAL HOTEL WEBSITE. Take your Mlife number and first check your specific Mlife offers through your account at Even more specifically call the Mlife line of the hotel you want to stay at and ask for your offers. There are very often custom offers that get you a rate significantly cheaper than the online rate even when you are logged into your account.

This is a HUGE benefit that many aren’t aware of. My most recent trip we paid $65 on a Friday night at MGM Grand and the second night was free! There were resort fees of course but with normal rates at $150/night before resort fee this was a a heck of a deal and the type of offer I was not getting before I matched Hyatt Platinum with Mlife.

Bottom Line

With the partnership between SPG and Total Rewards gone this partnership gives a points loyalist the most options in Las Vegas. More to come on the other points options in Vegas!

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