The Basics

What is the “points game”?

The “points game” is using credit card, airline, and hotel points to travel the world far cheaper, and nicer, than you would be able to with cash. Whether you travel for work, or step on an airplane once a year, you can still fly first class! Even if a long-haul flight in first class isn’t your goal, we’ll still help you play the game so you can travel for very little.

Here at Points, Miles, and More we show both the budget and luxury travelers how to get where they want to go simply, easily, and cheaply through the points game.

How do I get points?

There are many ways, here we are just defining a few ways to do so. Some are easier, some are harder. Having knowledge of all of these avenues is important, whether we endorse them or not.

  • Credit card sign-up bonuses: This is by far the easiest and best way to jump in headfirst to the points game and get started. Of course, you do need decent credit. Additionally, do not carry any credit card debt! Debt will negate any benefits of accumulating points. This is where the tricks start to come in and why we started this blog.

    Paris Honeymoon: First Class + Hotel = $400
  • Travel for work: If you have the right job this is the best way since your employer pays for it! Make sure you’re staying in hotels with rewards programs, flying on one airline to consolidate your points and obtain status. Always check your email for promos, they can often multiply how many points and miles you’ll earn.
  • Manufactured spend: If you fly first class on one of the best airlines in the world you may become addicted. If you become addicted there is something called manufactured spend (MS for short). MS is a complicated game that involves (legally) creating fake spend, hitting sign-up bonus minimums, transferring money back to your bank account and really never “spending” the money. It’s much more complex than that, and a lot of ways you can do it. This can be extremely lucrative but it’s not something either of us do at this time for various reasons. Mostly, MS takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Everyday spend: This is more like it! PUT AWAY THE DEBIT CARD if you’re responsible and can pay your credit card in full every month. Use credit cards that reward you for everyday spend such as dining, entertainment, gas, groceries, and more. The rewards can add up quickly. We love talking about this because it’s easy, not intimidating, and hey, you’re already spending money anyways.
  • Various other avenues: Things like shopping portals, dining rewards networks, Amazon purchases and more. Various avenues to acquire points is a big focus as well at PMM. You will be rewarded for purchases you’re already making!

What can I use my points on?

Here’s where things get fun! There are a million and one ways to use points. Whether it is redeeming points to travel and see your favorite team on game day, a trip to Disneyland, or a bucket list honeymoon to Bora Bora, all are options! Depending on your lifestyle, goals, and free time, there is a whole lot you can do and we’re here to show you how to spend less and travel better.

I’m still confused…lay it out for me

In conclusion, here are 5 concrete examples of good articles to start with to help you make the most of your hard earned dollars:

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  5. Finding discount business and first class deals (and discount coach tickets here!)