(Almost) Losing 1,000 Points for Missing a $10 Payment

To start out, Ben warned me this about a year ago this could happen. The problem with having (arguably) a lot of credit cards in your wallet is forgetting a credit card payment is easier. There are plenty of ways to make sure you don’t forget a credit card payment. Unfortunately, I don’t practice what I preach. Forgetting a credit card payment When I discussed the main three credit cards I spend money on, I outlined... Read more

American Airlines Valentine’s Day Bonus

I received an email this morning promoting an American Airlines Valentine’s Day Bonus. American is offering an extra 15,000 AAdvantage miles if you book a 3+ night trip for you and a guest via their AA Vacations portal. This can represent a great value if there’s a trip that you haven’t gotten around to booking. The Basics: American Airlines Vacations To qualify for the AAdvantage bonus miles, you’ll need to book by February 22, for travel through November 20,... Read more

Hilton Anaheim

Review: Hilton Anaheim

As Ben mentioned in his thrilling review of the Holiday Inn Express in New Mexico, our goal isn’t to review every mediocre roadside or convention center chain hotel. However, sometimes there are mainstream hotels that folks have questions on. Any business traveler, and many people with families, will traverse through Anaheim at some point in their lives. Or in my case, stay at the Hilton Anaheim 5 times now… So, based on that, I thought it... Read more

My IHG Points Haven’t Posted

A few weeks ago I wrote about my decision to join the IHG Rewards Club. My job requires frequent travel to small towns. As a result I went with IHG due to the volume of Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express options that are available to me. My bigger plan is to accumulate IHG points at random Holiday Inn’s, to then redeem at IHG’s luxury brands. Anyway, I went to analyze how many points I... Read more

Review: Chase Experiences

I’ve been getting a lot emails from Chase about VIP event access recently. The program is called “Chase Experiences”. Essentially Chase has given Sapphire Preferred, Reserve, and J.P. Morgan Reserve cardmembers the opportunity to get up close at sporting events, concerts, and culinary experiences. Often times promotional emails from credit card companies offer up “deals” that aren’t really worth looking into. I wanted to give a Chase Experiences review for insight into whether the product is really worth exploring.... Read more

Ritz-Carlton Bali Pool

Review: Ritz-Carlton Bali

This Ritz-Carlton Bali review is “mini” because I stayed there about a year ago on my honeymoon, which was pre-blog. I did have a fantastic stay though, and of course took a few pictures while there! Since the Ritz Bali is definitely an aspirational property I thought it would be worth posting about. My apologies that some of the pictures are not so great. I was just taking them for personal memories, not to be “blog... Read more

What’s Included In Economy Flight Searches?

** Update 2/23/17: Google Flights has now started to display basic economy flights. Click here for the details ** Over the last decade we’ve seen dramatic changes in how we purchase economy airfare. Previously we knew that a base fare included a checked bag, a carry on, and some level of seat selection. For the most part these inclusions have all disappeared from basic economy fares. As a result, each legacy carrier has their own version of what they... Read more

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The Guide for Finding Deeply Discounted Flight Deals

There are a lot of ways to find those discounted flight deals out there! Here I’ve pulled together what I think are the best resources to find that $500 flight to Europe. Ben recently posted about how to find deeply discounted deals in a lie flat seat. But, even with discounts sometimes the prices can still be out of reach for the average person. Being able to use rewards points from Chase Sapphire Reserve or Citi Prestige... Read more

Chase Sapphire Reserve

What Credit Cards are in my Wallet?

Personal finances are such a touchy subject. Even mentioning using credit cards can be a hot topic. Someone recently acted like I was an idiot for using just one credit card. The exact quote was “credit cards are a complete scam”. So I share the information on my best credit cards for travel because there are many strategies to maximize points. My way is not necessarily the right way for you, and many may find... Read more

Should I #DeleteUber?

Don’t worry, this blog has a strict no politics policy! But on the heels of the recent Uber controversy, I thought it would be a good time to analyze my rideshare usage. I currently have both Lyft and Uber loaded on my phone. The main reason has been if one was on surge pricing, I could toggle to the other for a better rate. Since Uberx and Lyft launched in Phoenix several years ago, we’ve seen... Read more