IHG Grubhub

Earn IHG Points with Grubhub Orders!

IHG is out with a new opportunity to earn points with any Grubhub order. This IHG Grubhub offer gives you 500 points with your first order through the IHG link and 250 points with each subsequent order. Earning 500 IHG points with Grubhub (my referral link) isn’t a huge points earning offer but certainly is worth doing when ordering delivery! Earning IHG Points with Grubhub The email clearly states 500 points for first order and 250... Read more

Delta Thoughts: Award Availability, 717’s, & Long Distance Regional Jets

Earlier this year my household transitioned to a card lineup that features two American Express cards and the Chase Sapphire Reserve. As a result, our earnings structure looks like this: Travel & Dining: 3X Points Chase Sapphire Reserve (5.4% Value) Gas: 3X Points Amex EDP (5.4% Value) Groceries: 4.5X Points Amex EDP (8.1% Value) Everything Else: 2X Points Amex BBP (3.6% Value) I know there are ways to slightly increase return for certain categories, but this works pretty well for us to... Read more

Choosing seats Avios on American

Issues choosing seats when using Avios for American flights

Using Avios for domestic American Airlines flights can be a great use of points as British Airways has a distance based award chart. However, for some reason, it always seems to be a challenge to select seats, or often even just book online. The most recent issue for me has been choosing seats when using British Airways Avios for American flights. At one point it wasn’t possible to enter your American frequent flyer number when... Read more

Google Flights Price Prediction – RIP Hopper?

Earlier this year we wrote about the flight tracking app Hopper. At the time Hopper wasn’t just a useful app to track and predict flight prices. Hopper also was a pioneer in alerting passengers about potential extra fees associated with a ticket like bags, seat selection, and things of that nature. My biggest gripe with Hopper was that they didn’t offer a desktop interface to search flights. It was strictly an app-based platform. That presented a... Read more

Ritz-Carlton Bali Pool

What works for Ritz-Carlton Travel Credit?

The $300 Ritz-Carlton travel credit is a valuable way to offset the cards hefty $450 annual fee. Every credit card’s travel credit is different so I thought I would outline in detail the Ritz’s travel credit and what worked for me. As a reminder I recently signed up for the Ritz-Carlton Visa to get two free nights for the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay as part of my next trip. I even discovered how to get a... Read more

American Express Plan It

American Express Plan It: Monthly Payments for Purchases without APR

I received an email advertising the new(ish) feature of American Express Plan It. Plan It is a way to take purchases over $100 and pay in installments with a monthly fee vs. have purchases be subject to the standard interest rate. Let’s do a quick review and see if this is of any interest. Remember in the points and miles world the key is to pay your balances in full every month. But I was... Read more

Choice Tap App

Choice Hotels, What Are You Doing?

I received an email from Choice Hotels the other day announcing it’s “Tap The App” Sweepstakes. It’s no secret that Choice Hotels isn’t the most glamorous hotel chain out there. The most popular Choice brands are Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, and Sleep Inn with several other budget brands under it’s umbrella. That being said, Choice points are easy to accrue and the brand features a higher end group of hotels called the “Ascend Collection”. In... Read more

Ritz-Carlton Bali Pool

How to (still) get Ritz 3 night Signup Bonus

Last week I covered some recent credit card signups and wanted to update because I was able to receive the Ritz 3 night signup bonus despite it not being publicly available! The current Ritz-Carlton credit card sign-up bonus is for 2 nights with $4,000 in spend in the first three months. But there used to be a higher bonus of 3 free nights with $5,000 in spend. I decided, based on my next trip, to sign... Read more

Celebrities and Politicians on a Plane

Last Thursday I flew from DCA-PHX after a week of business travel. Flights out of DCA towards the end of the week are common to see politicians on as they head home to their districts. My American flight yesterday was no exception as I saw Arizona Senator Jeff Flake (and actually tweeted about it): During boarding I saw quite a few people stop and shake Senator Flake’s hand or say things to him. One gentleman... Read more

Approved! 100K Amex Platinum Sign Up Bonus

This week I wrote about about a great 100k point sign up bonus offer for the American Express Platinum Card.  While not publicized, the offer is available to certain people using the Card Match tool. Unfortunately I wasn’t selected, but my wife was! Since American Express Membership Rewards are worth about 1.8 cents each to me, this is a massive sign up bonus equal to around $1,800! Applying for the card was an easy decision... Read more