American boarding process

The New American Boarding Process – FINALLY

There are very few things more confusing than boarding processes on certain airlines. American’s boarding process is possibly the worst offender. They recently changed their boarding process and now have changed it again effective March 1st. So you may be asking why I’m saying “FINALLY” they are changing it. Well, quite simply, it’s confusing as all hell right now. Folks who pay for Priority boarding don’t realize that they actually are boarding in the middle... Read more

Google Maps Uber Discount

Google Maps Uber Discount – $15 Off!

The ridesharing apps such as Uber and Lyft are constantly running promos that we should all take advantage of! This Google Maps Uber discount is no exception. First, if you didn’t know you can now book Uber rides through Google Maps directly. And now, there is an offer to get $15 off a ride when you do so! Uber For instance, here is what it would look like to get from Sky Harbor the brand new... Read more

Lufthansa First Class

Deeply Discounted First Class Deals

We all know the feeling. The gate agent finally calls your boarding group and you have that envious walk past the passengers in First Class. It’s bad enough on a two hour domestic flight, but amplified even more when you see the front of the cabin settling into their lie flat seats for a long overnight flight. If you’ve always wanted to fly in a comfortable cabin, but don’t have 100,000+ miles or $5,000 to... Read more

AAdvantage Dining Results Phoenix

How to Earn Points: Shopping Portals, Dining Rewards, Amazon and more!

On the “Start Here” page we discussed how to earn points, and not just through paid travel or credit cards.  The easiest options are putting purchases on credit cards and the following big three categories: Shopping portals Dining rewards Amazon The general idea with all of these categories is to gain the maximum number of points for items you are already paying for. Shopping Portals For the first item on “how to earn points” it’s... Read more

No Excuses: Your Asia Vacation Under $1000

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Asia twice in my life and had a blast both times. I’m not a “global nomad” by any stretch of the imagination. I vacation a couple times a year mixed in with some long weekends away from home. To the normal person however, I’m often viewed as some sort of world explorer visiting uncharted lands. The most common thing I hear from ordinary people is “Wow, I wish I... Read more

mlife hyatt partnership

Mlife Hyatt Partnership – Now The Most Lucrative in Las Vegas

There are some basics to know in the Mlife Hyatt partnership before I dive into the specifics. First, it is now the most lucrative since the SPG and Total Rewards partnership ended. Basically, you can match your Hyatt status to Mlife and earn Hyatt points for Mlife stays. This can be very lucrative as you get at least 5 points per $1 spent at MGM Properties. As long as you have linked your accounts, and... Read more

Marriage and the Points Game: a Chase 5/24 Issue

Chase 5/24 quick definition Certain consequences can be had when you “play” the points game extensively. Chase, on certain credit cards, has what is called the 5/24 rule. Basically, open more than 5 credit cards of any type and Chase will reject you for cards under 5/24 umbrella. Chase’s 5/24 rule isn’t the only one out there but that is what prompts the below story. How marriage comes into it When the Chase Sapphire Reserve was... Read more

The Worst Airline Passengers

Expedia just released a study rating the public’s opinion on the “Most Annoying Airline Passengers.” Obviously this is a hot topic of conversation while we discuss our flights with friends and family. I’d have to say that the results were somewhat surprising to me. The worst airline passengers were ranked as follows: 1. The Rear Seat Kicker (cited by 64% of respondents) 2. Inattentive Parents (59%) 3. The Aromatic Passenger (55%) 4. The Audio Insensitive (49%) 5. The Boozer... Read more

Conrad Maldives overwater villa with hot tub

Am I a real travel blogger if I haven’t been to the Maldives?

Park Hyatt or Conrad Maldives – the two main points options. If you’ve read any travel blogs over your entire life you know it appears to be a requirement to go to the Maldives on points, more specifically the Park Hyatt Maldives.   Now that I’m an official blogger (I guess they let anyone do it) it’s good timing that the Maldives has been a topic of discussion for about the past 6 months in my... Read more

It’s my anniversary! With Marriott that is…

A morning commute surprise This morning on Twitter I received the following tweet about my Marriott anniversary and getting 300 bonus points.  Naturally my Marriott anniversary isn’t something I keep track of so this was a pleasant surprise despite 300 points being worth approximately $2.40 if you value Marriott points at .8 cents which most bloggers do. This certainly isn’t life changing but as they say, it’s the thought that counts! And it did give me... Read more