JetBlue Amazon partnership

Do You Chase Down Missing Points?

This week I started laying the groundwork for a summer trip to New York. Since I’ve got some JetBlue points siting around, I think we’re going to fly them on our way back. I haven’t flown JetBlue in years, but I accumulate points via their relationship with Amazon. Almost everything we purchase on Amazon (which is a lot), should accrue 3x TrueBlue points. In what’s become a normal occurrence, I noticed that a decent amount... Read more

American Airlines Gift Card

Using American Airlines Gift Cards (and when you can’t use)

Booking travel can be frustrating and when it’s something simple, like when you can’t use your American Airlines gift card, it can be oddly maddening! Since many readers have airline gift cards to use from travel credits like the one on the Ritz-Carlton credit card, I thought it would be helpful to outline quickly what you can and can’t use American Airlines gift cards for. You would think using gift cards is straightforward but American does not make... Read more

Roundup: Opentable devaluation, 6k miles for car rental, Chase Best Buy promo, and more!

Welcome to our weekly roundup! All the biggest points and miles news from around the web in one place. Get 10x points on up to $300 of each of your Chase cards (Freedom, Sapphire, etc.) at Best Buy! Check out the Doctor of Credit post for full details on the promo and how to leverage this. The four new Hilton cards from American Express are now eligible for applications! These have some interesting new perks... Read more

What Happened To Chase Experiences?

If you’re a frequent reader, you know I’ve felt that Chase Experiences can offer a great value to cardholders. I’ve written about past experiences here and here. If you’re new to the program, Chase gives Sapphire Preferred, Reserve, and J.P. Morgan Reserve cardholders the opportunity to get up close at sporting events, concerts, and culinary experiences. Today I wondered over to the Chase Experiences page to see what they’ve got on tap for 2018. To my... Read more

TurboTax Discount, Amex Offer, and more savings

It’s that time of year again…tax season. Tax season certainly isn’t fun but a necessary evil for all of our US readers. There are plenty of ways to do your taxes but one of the most popular is TurboTax. So let’s cover all the various TurboTax discount options, a TurboTax Amex Offer, and ways to use shopping portals as well. #1 TurboTax Amex Offer The first, and easiest, discount for many of us will be... Read more

Staying Strong, Not Chasing Status

A few weeks ago I wrote about my plan to remain a free agent this year. For 2018 I’m estimating that I’ll travel about 25,000 miles for work and another 15,000 or so for pleasure. I’m based in Phoenix, and most of my business travel is in Hawaii. Since American has hub in Phoenix, they would be my best bet if I chose to reach for status. Last week I completed my first trip of... Read more

Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay Gift

A Ritz-Carlton Surprise: Defining Customer Service

Often there are debates on whether luxury brands are “worth it” or if they are over-hyped by points and miles bloggers. That debate I’m not trying to put to rest today, but there are countless special ways the right property can set themselves apart. Right now I’m on my “babymoon” at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay and have been continually impressed by the customer service here. Especially by a special gift from the club lounge... Read more


Roundup: Using Citi points, targeted American status, and more!

Welcome to our weekly roundup! All the points and miles news from around the web in one place. I’m reporting in from the gorgeous Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay while on my last pre-baby vacation, or “babymoon” so just a quick roundup this Sunday. Every blogger and points fan has their own idea of best transfer partners. MileCards has a very robust info guide on using Citi ThankYou Points. Don’t forget about our Citi Transfer Guide... Read more

Working In Hawaii: No, It’s Not That Great

A new project my business took on last year has me traveling to Hawaii every few months. Every time I tell people where I’m traveling, it always elicits a “Oh, you poor guy” sarcastic response. I’ve literally gotten it at least 20 times. No doubt the Hawaii islands are a beautiful place, but is working in Hawaii all it’s cracked up to be? Negatives: Time Zones, Mediocre Hotels, and Red Eyes I’m based in Phoenix,... Read more

BofA BankAmeriDeals

Bank of America BankAmeriDeals: Where is the love?

Bank of America’s BankAmeriDeals are a nice way to get cash back if you have any credit or debit cards from BofA. For some reason, despite Amex Offers being extensively covered on points and credit card blogs, BankAmeriDeals are rarely covered. So where is the love? BofA BankAmeriDeals Let’s start with the basics of BankAmeriDeals, which luckily are super simple. As you can see from the graphic above the steps are simple, you just need to find... Read more