Buying An Extra Seat On A Flight

A mega fare sale happened yesterday. In this case it was Delta offering wide open availability from my hometown of Phoenix to London for $500 round trip. Phoenix hardly ever gets the big sales major hubs do. There I was, scrambling to text my wife to see if she’s on board for a spontaneous trip. In this case, the fact that we’re expecting our first child in May squashed my chances of convincing her to hop over to... Read more

MGM Grand View 2

Review: MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Any trip to Vegas should be fun, no matter where you stay. This MGM Grand review will go over the basics and cover a good stay for a fun family weekend. MGM Grand Review: As Ben mentioned in his review of the Westin Las Vegas Hotel, Casino, & Spa, we were recently on a family trip to Las Vegas for our cousin’s 21st birthday. Much of our family was staying at the Paris right in... Read more

Review: Holiday Inn Express Deming, NM

Last week I outlined why I’d be joining the IHG Rewards Club. Basically I’ll be staying in small towns that don’t have a ton of loyalty program options. Well my first stay has come and gone at the Holiday Inn Express Deming, NM. I probably won’t be reviewing every roadside hotel I end up staying at. But for my first stay, I’d like to reflect on the Holiday Inn Express brand, the IHG program experience, and... Read more

mlife hyatt partnership

Share Mlife Status AND Hyatt Platinum with your Spouse (or Roommate!)

One of my recent posts discussed the Mlife and Hyatt partnership, in particular rates for Mlife members often being substantially cheaper. Today find out how to share your Mlife and Hyatt status with your spouse or roommate. This is a perk that I haven’t seen other travel bloggers post about (although I’m sure someone out there has!) so hopefully it is helpful. Please note with the new World of Hyatt the Mlife tiers you will match to are... Read more

I’m Joining The IHG Rewards Club

The Sugarhill Gang once sang “Everybody go: Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn”  in the classic song “Rappers Delight”. Well when your new consulting job requires you to take long road trips to far flung places like Deming, NM, a Holiday Inn might be just be your best option. Since it looks like these types of trips are going to be happening every month or so, I decided I really needed to figure out a points and loyalty strategy for staying... Read more

American boarding process

The New American Boarding Process – FINALLY

There are very few things more confusing than boarding processes on certain airlines. American’s boarding process is possibly the worst offender. They recently changed their boarding process and now have changed it again effective March 1st. So you may be asking why I’m saying “FINALLY” they are changing it. Well, quite simply, it’s confusing as all hell right now. Folks who pay for Priority boarding don’t realize that they actually are boarding in the middle... Read more

Google Maps Uber Discount

Google Maps Uber Discount – $15 Off!

The ridesharing apps such as Uber and Lyft are constantly running promos that we should all take advantage of! This Google Maps Uber discount is no exception. First, if you didn’t know you can now book Uber rides through Google Maps directly. And now, there is an offer to get $15 off a ride when you do so! Uber For instance, here is what it would look like to get from Sky Harbor the brand new... Read more

Lufthansa First Class

Deeply Discounted First Class Deals

We all know the feeling. The gate agent finally calls your boarding group and you have that envious walk past the passengers in First Class. It’s bad enough on a two hour domestic flight, but amplified even more when you see the front of the cabin settling into their lie flat seats for a long overnight flight. If you’ve always wanted to fly in a comfortable cabin, but don’t have 100,000+ miles or $5,000 to... Read more

AAdvantage Dining Results Phoenix

How to Earn Points: Shopping Portals, Dining Rewards, Amazon and more!

On the “Start Here” page we discussed how to earn points, and not just through paid travel or credit cards.  The easiest options are putting purchases on credit cards and the following big three categories: Shopping portals Dining rewards Amazon The general idea with all of these categories is to gain the maximum number of points for items you are already paying for. Shopping Portals For the first item on “how to earn points” it’s... Read more

No Excuses: Your Asia Vacation Under $1000

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Asia twice in my life and had a blast both times. I’m not a “global nomad” by any stretch of the imagination. I vacation a couple times a year mixed in with some long weekends away from home. To the normal person however, I’m often viewed as some sort of world explorer visiting uncharted lands. The most common thing I hear from ordinary people is “Wow, I wish I... Read more