About Us

Welcome to Points, Miles, and More! We’re Ben and Liz. No, we’re not married, we’re brother and sister, and both happily married to each of our spouses. The same spouses who begrudgingly put up with our points and miles hobby and now, this blog. Our travel history is like many others. We got the travel bug, traveled on cheap economy tickets and stayed in hostels or cheap hotels. Additionally, we never, ever signed up for frequent flyer programs.

Travel Optimization

At one point Liz got a job where she started traveling domestically for work. After realizing that airline status would be great, and signed up for a US Airways status challenge (RIP Dividend Miles awards). Slowly, the obsession began. Ben jumped in headfirst shortly thereafter and attained AAdvantage status. Soon our spouses were forced to hear all about Avios devaluations, plane swapping to a mediocre business class product and more horrors of the day to day points game.

Points, Miles, and More Team
2009. Pre-points game. Pro-travel tip: when you go to South America do it with your brother who speaks fluent Spanish.

We’re not professional travelers and we don’t manufacture spend (more on that later for any newbies!). We’re just trying to travel as much as we can while holding down jobs and paying mortgages. Along the way we’ll provide tips for real people with real jobs to spend less and travel better.

The following guides are available to help you get started:

The Basics

Is a travel card right for me?