Help: 4th of July in New York City

Summer planning is well underway here at PMM headquarters. We found out last week that we’ll be attending a family reunion/party on July 7th just outside of New York City. We try to get out that way at least once a year, so this is a perfect excuse to make a trip. Hopefully things go a little smoother than they did last year.

4th of July in New York City: Worth It, Or Nah?

Since the party is on Saturday July 7th, it leaves us with a decision on what to do for the 4th of July. At present, our options are:

New York City: We could fly out on July 3rd, or early July 4th and spend the holiday in Manhattan or a surrounding borough. This option is probably the easiest since it will require the least amount of travel. However, I don’t really know how fun that would be? It’s worth noting we’ll have a 1 year old in tow but could potentially arrange babysitting. I’ve heard Manhattan as some pretty high-end options for sitters.

Presumably a lot of people get out of the city for the holiday and head up to The Hamptons. A lack of points hotels in The Hamptons makes that unrealistic for us. Plus I don’t own boat shoes anyway. Maybe once this blog is as big as The Points Guy we’ll make it happen!

Last year Chase put on a cool event in the city as part of it’s “Experiences” packages. Unfortunately they haven’t committed to doing that again as of yet.


New York City – Courtesy Anna Runesson Hedin

Other Destinations Along The Eastern Seaboard

Another option we have is to fly into a different city along the Eastern Seaboard. We’ve got friends in Washington D.C., which no doubt celebrates the 4th of July in grandiose fashion. Furthermore, Washington D.C. is a reasonable drive or train ride up to New York afterwards. Alternatively, we’ve never spent any meaningful time in Philadelphia. That could be another option if the festivities there are a good time.

Bottom Line

To my knowledge, this will be the first 4th of July I’ve spent outside of Arizona or Southern California. If any of you have any suggestions for places to be, or things to do, it would be much appreciated!

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