Earn Marriott and SPG Points with Marriott Moments

Marriott Moments was unveiled in mid 2016 to complement the successful SPG Moments program where you could purchase or bid on experiences with points. What I didn’t realize is that Marriott Moments also allows you to pay and earn points for experiences such as tours, spa treatments, admission to amusement parks and more.

On the surface the idea of earning points by booking activities you would do on vacation (or even in your hometown) sounds great – but is it a good deal? 

Marriott Moments
Marriott Moments homepage

Earning Points with Marriott Moments

To start lets cover a few basic details:

  1. Standard earnings appear to be 10x Marriott points per $1
  2. You can earn either Marriott or SPG points with Marriott Moments. Oddly, the conversion rate does NOT appear to be 3:1. For instance, for a Legoland package you can spend $119 and earn either 1,190 Marriott points or 357 SPG points. If you choose SPG points and then convert to Marriott points you only earn 1,071.
  3. Marriott has partnered with a third-party company (www.PlacePass.com) to offer these tours and activities
  4. Marriott Moments allows you to earn points while Marriott Rewards Moments and SPG Moments allow you to redeem points for experiences
  5. Purchases will appear on your credit card statement as PlacePass (important to note for determining which credit card to use for bonus points)
  6. Points will automatically appear in your Marriott Rewards or SPG account two to four weeks (14 – 28 days) following the completion of the experience.

Otherwise it’s very straightforward to book so I won’t walk you through those steps.

Is Marriott Moments a good deal?

Most of the deals in Marriott Moments tend to be pretty standard tourist stuff. A few examples in various cities include:

  • Massages
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Sailing Trips
  • City Tours
  • Wine Tasting Tours
  • Airport Transfers

All of the above are great but with countless websites such as Groupon or Living Social (which has a current Amex Offer out) offering similar options at a discount it makes sense to check whether the pricing is good.

Legoland Marriott Moments
Legoland Marriott Moments Offer

Using the above Legoland example of $119/person I set out to see if it was a good deal. Unfortunately when going to the Legoland website I see almost the exact same offer for $98/person. In addition the Legoland offer doesn’t force you to use the second day within 9 days of the first and instead gives you until late May.

Marriott Moments Legoland Pricing
Legoland Pricing

The above from Legoland’s website is a limited time offer but it shows not necessarily to trust the pricing and compare options.

Another example is a La Jolla Segway Tour. Both Marriott Moments and the companies website (which was easy to sleuth out) show $149 for the 2 hour tour. Which seemed like a crazy price to me! I easily Googled “La Jolla Segway Tour Groupon” however and found a similar 2 hour tour for $55.

Marriott Moments: Final Thoughts

It certainly does not hurt to check Marriott Moments to earn points for activities. And I welcome any additional opportunities to earn points. But keep in mind the pricing they offer is often not the best and always to shop around.

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