New Lounge Is Coming To Phoenix Sky Harbor

If you’re a regular reader you know that Liz and I are based in the Phoenix area. As result, anything happening at our home airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor is of particular interest. Sky Harbor is in the middle of a massive $590 million renovation of Terminal 3. Once completed, the airport will only be composed to two terminals – Terminals 3 and 4. Terminal 4 accounts for most of the airports passengers and is home to hubs for both American and Southwest. The original Terminal 1 has long since been demolished, and Terminal 2 will soon follow suit with it’s occupants moving to Terminal 3.

Current Sky Harbor Lounge Setup

Last week featured a write up highlighting all the new dining options coming to Terminal 3 with the renovation. Admittedly I hoped for a few more local options, but overall it’s not too bad. Absent from the story was whether any new lounges are part of the overhaul.

At the moment Terminal 4 is home to (3) American Airlines Admirals Clubs and The Lounge at PHX. The latter doubles as an independent Priority Pass lounge and a British Airways Lounge in the lead up to their daily departure. Furthermore, the soon to be demolished Terminal 2 is home to a United Club. Terminal 3, home to Delta, Hawaiian, JetBlue and Frontier is void of any lounges. Especially troublesome is the fact that traveling to the others terminals requires an exit from secured areas. That means you’ll need to clear security again to visit a lounge if you’re in Terminal 3.

Terminal 3: A New Mystery Lounge

I decided to reach out to Sky Harbor about potential plans for a Terminal 3 lounge, and here is the response I got via Twitter:

I did follow up with questions about whether the lounge would be airline specific, or independent. Unfortunately Sky Harbor officials didn’t have any further details to offer.

Since United currently operates a club at Terminal 2, it’s reasonable to think they’ll be moving that to Terminal 3. Presumably Sky Harbor would just say that’s the lounge they are referring to if that were the case. My guess is we’re going to see another one. With the explosion of premium credit cards that include Priority Pass memberships, adding an independent lounge to Terminal 3 makes sense. Especially given the inability to travel to Terminal 4 without clearing security again.

Bottom Line

My dream scenario would be something similar to the Priority Pass Denver setup, in addition to the likely United Club. I find Priority Pass restaurants to be more enjoyable than the often stale experience often found in domestic lounges. At any rate, I’ll be tracking any developments and let everyone know once an official announcement is made.

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