Do You Chase Down Missing Points?

This week I started laying the groundwork for a summer trip to New York. Since I’ve got some JetBlue points siting around, I think we’re going to fly them on our way back. I haven’t flown JetBlue in years, but I accumulate points via their relationship with Amazon. Almost everything we purchase on Amazon (which is a lot), should accrue 3x TrueBlue points. In what’s become a normal occurrence, I noticed that a decent amount (maybe half) of my Amazon purchases never earned TrueBlue points.

Do You Chase Down Missing Points?

While my missing TrueBlue points are frustrating, it’s not something I’m going to make a federal case over. First, I wouldn’t even know how/where to start as far as an inquiry goes. Second, there’s only so much time in a day. Sitting on the phone over a couple hundred points isn’t a great use of my time.

JetBlue Amazon partnership
JetBlue Amazon partnership

Missing points aren’t just limited to the Amazon/JetBlue partnership. Last year Marriott had a cool Twitter promotion with the NFL. Marriott Rewards members easily earned 1,000 points by answering a simple question on Twitter. The whole process took about 20 seconds. Unfortunately, like JetBlue/Amazon I only received the points about half the time. Again, I wasn’t prepared to make a big deal out of it.

Probably my most frustrating occurrence of missing points was this American Airlines promotion last year. I went ahead and made the qualifying purchases with all four partners. After the 8-10 weeks was up, AA only paid out 5,000 miles instead of the 10,000 offered. In retrospect I probably should have reached out to customer service on this, but I was too busy and never got around to it. I think bugged me the most because I actually “earned” those points. It wasn’t just a simple Twitter promotion, or from Amazon purchases that I’d already be making anyway.

Bottom Line: Point Chasing

Sometimes I wonder if these companies intentionally see if they can get away with holding back points. Maybe they know most people don’t have the time or willpower to chase them down. Or perhaps it’s an honest mistake. Either way, with a busy schedule, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to chase down missing points from these promotions. What about you, do you put in the time and effort to get your points and miles?

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