What Happened To Chase Experiences?

If you’re a frequent reader, you know I’ve felt that Chase Experiences can offer a great value to cardholders. I’ve written about past experiences here and here. If you’re new to the program,¬†Chase gives Sapphire Preferred, Reserve, and J.P. Morgan Reserve cardholders the opportunity to get up close at sporting events, concerts, and culinary experiences. Today I wondered over to the Chase Experiences page to see what they’ve got on tap for 2018. To my dismay, the offerings were pretty bad.

What Happened To Chase Experiences?

In the past Chase offered VIP access to events at extreme discounts to what you’d find on the open market. Furthermore, there were a variety of events to choose from across the country. At the moment, it’s really slim pickings. Here are the only experiences currently available:

If you look a little closer, you’ll see that Sundance Film Festival is going on right now. Additionally, the private dining series is “coming soon.” That leaves a few sporting events at Madison Square Garden, Tampa Bay hockey, Shedd Aquarium, and Andrea Boccelli in Tampa Bay as the only available events. That’s a pretty bad selection, especially for anyone that isn’t on the East Coast.

The fact that Chase Experiences is in worse shape than it was a year ago is really surprising given the popularity of the Sapphire Reserve card. You’d think Chase would want to reward it’s high end cardholders with more VIP access than this.

Bottom Line

I feel like a parent that’s disappointed in their kids for making a bad decision. I really hyped Chase Experiences last year and felt it was just as valuable as the uber-popular SPG Moments program. With SPG’s future in doubt, Chase has a clear opening to be a leader in the experiences/moments space. Instead of seizing the moment, it appears they’ve fallen asleep at the wheel. Come on Chase, get your act together!

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