TurboTax Discount, Amex Offer, and more savings

It’s that time of year again…tax season. Tax season certainly isn’t fun but a necessary evil for all of our US readers. There are plenty of ways to do your taxes but one of the most popular is TurboTax. So let’s cover all the various TurboTax discount options, a TurboTax Amex Offer, and ways to use shopping portals as well.

#1 TurboTax Amex Offer

The first, and easiest, discount for many of us will be the TurboTax Amex Offer. This was offered last year as well.

TurboTax Amex Offer
TurboTax Amex Offer

As you can see from the above the savings are straightforward:

  • $10 off TurboTax Deluxe
  • $15 off TurboTax Premier
  • $20 off TurboTax Self-Employed
  • $20 off TurboTax Live

To access these discounts (which are pretty good!) simply go to http://turbotax.intuit.com/go/amex and use any American Express card for payment

TurboTax Discount American Express
TurboTax Discount – American Express

#2 Shopping Portal Bonuses

Theoretically the TurboTax Amex Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. However, last year I was able to get both my shopping portal bonus through American as well as my Amex Offer TurboxTax discount.

To find out the best options for maximizing any purchase, including TurboTax, use CashbackMonitor.com to compare options from various airline and hotel shopping portals, as well as standard cashback portals.

TurboTax Cash Back
TurboTax Cash Back Options

As you can see from the above there are multiple options to give you 15% cash back. But, depending on how much you are spending, it’s more likely that you should instead go for the travel miles/points options. For instance here would be the returns for my $45 TurboTax Premier purchase:

  • Hilton HHonors – 495 points (worth appx .05 cents each) = $2.48 return
  • Southwest – 1,000 points (worth appx 1.39 cents each = $13.90 return
  • 15% cash back = $6.75 back

Clearly from the above the Southwest 1,000 points is the best option for my TurboTax Premier purchase. If you’re getting the new, more expensive, offering of TurboTax Live at $129.99 then you should go for the 15% cash back of course.

#3 Additional TurboTax Discounts

There are always additional ways to find discounts and try to beat out the TurboTax Amex Offer. For instance RetailMeNot.com is an easy go to for finding tons of online discounts. In this particular example none of the RetailMeNot codes listed beat the AmexOffer though!

I’ll be updating this section with any additional (interesting) TurboTax discounts throughout tax season.

Final Thoughts

Taxes suck. But with the TurboTax Amex Offer, stacked with the 1,000 point Southwest bonus, I’m effectively getting $29 off of the original $60 TurboTax Premier price for my 2017 taxes. I’m certainly not retiring off these savings but the everyday earnings do add up over time!

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