A Ritz-Carlton Surprise: Defining Customer Service

Often there are debates on whether luxury brands are “worth it” or if they are over-hyped by points and miles bloggers. That debate I’m not trying to put to rest today, but there are countless special ways the right property can set themselves apart. Right now I’m on my “babymoon” at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay and have been continually impressed by the customer service here. Especially by a special gift from the club lounge manager!

Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay
View from Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay Club Lounge

Ritz Half Moon Bay: A notch above

There are countless luxury properties out there with stunning landscapes and nicely appointed rooms. But it’s the special touches that makes a property feel worth the huge points redemption or high dollar cost.

We were enjoying our first night in Half Moon Bay and were having some hors d’ouevres and drinks (non-alcoholic for me of course) in the club lounge. Earlier in the day while waiting for our room to be ready another guest was asking me about my now visible pregnancy and the club manager had apparently overheard the conversation. So that night she came up to our table with a wrapped gift for “you and the baby”.

Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay Gift
The gift from Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay Club Manager, Antonia

Not only was it a thoughtful gesture in general but also showed the property gives employees the ability to go above and beyond and make a guests stay special. She then chatted a bit with us about our trip as well as our upcoming addition. Inside the bag was a cute rubber ducky and a box of lavender scented products to pamper myself. In another very thoughtful touch the rubber ducky was a “girl” since she heard we were having a girl!

Ritz-Carlton Gift

Gifts like this cost the resort very little when considering the kind of $$$ we’re dropping (even with the nights being free!).  And it wasn’t just us, I saw employees bringing kids balloons or small trinkets, routinely bringing pillows to older guests sitting on hard outdoor chairs, remembering drink orders from the night before, etc.

Bottom Line

I’ve been to plenty of luxury properties that are nice enough but can’t seem to get the little things right. It’s touches like this, or the valet remembering our names every time we’ve left the resort, that elevate a property to the special level that make us want to return.

Plus, between this and our Conrad stuffed animals, our baby will have quite the 5 star collection of animal friends to play with!

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One thought on “A Ritz-Carlton Surprise: Defining Customer Service

  1. We are usually celebrating a special occasion when staying at a Ritz and been sent champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, fancy chocolates along with a nice card. The Lounge manager at one location ordered a special bottle of tequila for my husband, at another location we chatted several times with an employee by the pool and at the end of stay gifted us a nice candle, wooden plaque and very nice card. It is the special touches that count!

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