Bank of America BankAmeriDeals: Where is the love?

Bank of America’s BankAmeriDeals are a nice way to get cash back if you have any credit or debit cards from BofA. For some reason, despite Amex Offers being extensively covered on points and credit card blogs, BankAmeriDeals are rarely covered. So where is the love?

BofA BankAmeriDeals

BofA BankAmeriDeals

Let’s start with the basics of BankAmeriDeals, which luckily are super simple. As you can see from the graphic above the steps are simple, you just need to find the deals:

  1. Go to your main Bank of America home page
  2. On the right hand side of the page click “Special Offers & Deals” in your Activity Center
  3. Select “View all your deals”
  4. Click the blue plus sign in the right hand corner of each deal
  5. Shop and automatically earn

Moving on the types of deals. These deals can be targeted, same as Amex Offers, and reports from around the web indicate that the more you use a type of deal the more you receive of that type. Here is one example in a comment on Doctor of Credit.

The deals are typically cash back, up to 15%, but commonly 10%. There are some set dollar amounts back as well but less of those.

Bank of America BankAmeriDeals

BankAmeriDeals: Good or Bad?

So we’ve covered how to sign up for the deals, and typically what they look like. So how good are BankAmeriDeals? To be fair they are not quite as lucrative as AmexOffers. That being said, BankAmeriDeals are much easier to find something you can easily save some money on.

For instance here are a sample of current deals on my account:

  • Hampton Inn and Garden Inn: 10% back up to $40
  • Aloft Hotels: 10% back up to $40
  • Little Caesar’s: 10% back up to $2
  • Chili’s: 10% back up to $5
  • Airbnb: 5% back up to $34
  • Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites, and Home2 Suites: 10% back up to $50

The cash back component for restaurants can be limiting, absolutely. But some of the hotel offers are definitely advantageous and Aloft Hotels specifically is a nice offer we don’t see much of anywhere else.

BankAmeriDeals Bottom Line

Make sure you’re including BankAmeriDeals when doing deal searches. It’s easy to use with simple terms on most deals. Plus, according to many users, the more you use them the more deals you get!

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2 thoughts on “Bank of America BankAmeriDeals: Where is the love?

  1. I do like my BankAmeriDeals, and they are valuable when usable. But often they are targeted “around” the companies I already use. For instance, if I go to Outback, I’ll get a deal not for them but for Pei Wei…what? As a DP, I’ve had BoA cards for over 5 years, and earned less than $50 total. So while the deals are good, I don’t find them much more effective in the end than AMEX deals.

    1. Definitely agree you’re not going to become wealthy off them and Amex Offers can be much more lucrative. But I just find a lot of folks completely overlook BankAmeriDeals and really should keep an eye on them for some quick hits.

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