Top Posts of 2017: All About Hyatt/M Life

Yesterday Liz wrote a nice piece about our first year of travel blogging. We started posting towards the end of January 2017. For all of 2017 we registered 63,275 page views. I’d thought I’d dive into our top 10 posts of 2017 to see what our readers found the most interesting.

Hyatt/M Life Status Matches

As you can see below,  the top 3 pages visited other than the home page had to do with a backdoor Hyatt/M Life opportunity that Liz discovered last year. Additionally, she outlined a great status match opportunity.

The Hyatt/M Life articles took our top 3 spots, largely due to other larger blogs sharing the posts. Additionally, we’ve got some great organic traffic on all three articles.

Coming in at #4 was an article I wrote about using Chase Ultimate Rewards for Airbnb and Uber gift cards. While that article wasn’t shared by any other blogs, it seems to gather a lot of interest in organic search. Ironically, the article lays out why buying those gift cards is a bad idea.

Our 5th most popular article is about a new Rocketmiles-style website that American Airlines launched last year. The site is great if you’re looking to stockpile American Airlines miles for your hotel stays. Especially if you don’t value hotel loyalty.

Coming in at number 6 on our top 10 was about a cool offer to earn an easy 500 Starpoints. Since Starpoints are valued around 2 cents each, it was a quick $10 or so for a few clicks of the mouse. Apparently a lot of people liked that.

SPG In Bali – 500 Free points helped readers get there a little faster

Numbers 7 and 8 on the list were our American Express and Chase transfer guides. That was nice to see as it took us a decent amount of time to put those pages together. You can still find them on the drop down menu at the top of every page. For 2018 we plan to update those as often as we can.

Number 9 was another quick deal. This time readers had the opportunity to save $25 off Amazon purchases when using an American Express card and spending at least $50. For regular Amazon users like myself, this was a great deal!

Finally, coming in at number 10 was Liz’s frustration with JetBlue and Amazon partnership points posting times. In my experience, JetBlue points are still hit or miss as far as when or if they ever post. But hey, it’s better than nothing if you’re already using Amazon.

Bottom Line

Thank you to everyone that took the time to read/comment/complain about all our posts. As Liz stated, we’re hoping to increase our readership by around 50% this coming year. Hopefully that includes some more useful travel secrets, how-to guides, and much more!

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