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Let’s face it, we’re all busy people. There’s nothing worse than sitting on hold or dealing with ineffective service reps for relatively minor issues. Last night I had a small request for Hertz support to add my Hertz Gold number to an upcoming reservation. For whatever reason, this can’t just be done online. I suppose that’s another reason I’d like to see an economy version of Silvercar, but I digress. My immediate options with Hertz were Twitter support, online chat, or an old-fashioned phone call.

Hertz Twitter Support

At first Twitter seemed like my best option. A quick look at Hertz’s Twitter feed showed they are very active with customers. In fact, they were tweeting away last night around 9 pm Mountain Time. So I went ahead and sent them a message with my Hertz Gold number and reservation number. I got a very quick response that read “We cannot add current reservations to Gold accounts Ben.” This made no sense as I booked directly through Hertz. I asked some follow up questions, but the end result was the same. Twitter support said I needed to cancel my reservation and re-book. Unfortunately this wasn’t viable because I prepaid and canceling would incur a fee. So I just gave up and moved on.

Hertz Gold

Hertz Chat Support

Initially I was just going to pick up the phone and call. When searching for the phone number on the Hertz support website, I noticed a chat option. To my surprise, they were available rather late at night. I opened the chat window and was greeted within a minute. I explained my situation and the chat agent quickly responded “I’ll just need to cancel your existing reservation and book you a new one.” I said sure, as long as the price was the same. She confirmed it would be.

Literally within 3-4 minutes my original reservation was canceled and a new one was created with my Hertz Gold account attached at the same price. What a difference from Twitter support. This was also much better than picking up the phone which surely would have taken much longer.

Bottom Line

It’s unclear why Twitter support wasn’t able to help while chat was. Perhaps the Twitter people are outsourced and don’t have access to reservation info? In the end, providing an effective chat support option whether via a website or Twitter is the direction I like to see companies go. It allows me to multi-task in a way phone conversations don’t. It proved to be an excellent customer service experience which are all to rare these days. What support methods do you find most useful?


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