Earn IHG Points with Grubhub Orders!

IHG is out with a new opportunity to earn points with any Grubhub order. This IHG Grubhub offer gives you 500 points with your first order through the IHG link and 250 points with each subsequent order. Earning 500 IHG points with Grubhub (my referral link) isn’t a huge points earning offer but certainly is worth doing when ordering delivery!

Earn IHG Points with Grubhub
Earn IHG Points with Grubhub promo email

Earning IHG Points with Grubhub

IHG Grubhub
IHG Grubhub login page

The email clearly states 500 points for first order and 250 for each subsequent order. But I dug in to check for any catches. When clicking the promo link you are sent to the below page. The linked page does prompt you to search for your hotel and IHG awards number. However, upon further searching, it does not appear to be a requirement to actually be staying at an IHG hotel.

After entering a dummy hotel (in my case a Holiday Inn in my hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona) it simply sent me to the Grubhub page via an IHG affiliate link. It pre-filled the address in for that Holiday Inn but it appears to be a standard affiliate link and there shouldn’t be an issue putting in your home address from there.

IHG Grubhub referral link
IHG Grubhub referral link

Also, note in the terms and conditions it simply states “you must enter a valid IHG Rewards Club Member number and complete an order on Grubhub.com or its associated app to qualify”

If you haven’t used Grubhub before you get $7 off your first order and I get the same on my next order with my referral link. Just click here to get the $7 off

IHG Grubhub Offer: Bottom Line

IHG points are worth around .05 cents each. So this offer equals a couple bucks each time you do it (if we’re being generous). That being said, there doesn’t seem to be a minimum, right now there is an Amex Offer to get an extra 1x points on Grubhub purchases, and you should be able to easily stack with any other offers like this now expired Amex offer for $5 off $15 or more.

So when you order restaurant delivery from Grubhub definitely use the IHG link and earn some points along the way!

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