American Express Plan It: Monthly Payments for Purchases without APR

I received an email advertising the new(ish) feature of American Express Plan It. Plan It is a way to take purchases over $100 and pay in installments with a monthly fee vs. have purchases be subject to the standard interest rate. Let’s do a quick review and see if this is of any interest.

Remember in the points and miles world the key is to pay your balances in full every month. But I was interested to see what kind of fees were being offered through this program and whether it was worth it. Spoiler alert: I added over $800 in transactions and still was not charged a monthly fee. Effectively giving me 0% interest.  

American Express Plan It
American Express Plan It Email

American Express Plan It: Good Deal?

First important thing to note: American Express Plan It only seems to work through the mobile app – Amex Mobile. When clicking the email link I was sent to a mobile site on my desktop and no transactions were shown. When I went into Amex Mobile I progressed through the following two screens:

American Express Plan It Amex Mobile
American Express Plan It Amex Mobile

I then was sent to my transactions screen and selected a transaction over $100. It then sent me to show what the monthly cost would be:

American Express Plan It How to
American Express Plan It How to

As you can see from the above on my insurance charge I pay $0.00 in fees by stretching the payment over three months.

Now, this seems a little odd – why would American Express basically give me 0% interest on the American Express Everyday Preferred? A card that earns 4.5x points on groceries and 3x points on gas?

I then explored a little further and added four different transactions of $326, $208, $164, and the above $170. None of the transactions triggered a fee! This is definitely worth a try to get what is basically 0% interest on many charges!

American Express Plan It: Bottom Line

I assume at some point American Express charges a monthly fee on these charges. And indeed, when the Points Guy wrote about this feature examples were included which showed a fee that wasn’t very favorable. However, I would absolutely suggest taking a look at this and see if you can leverage it to delay payments.

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