Where Are The 100k Offers? A Hidden Amex Offer?

It recently occurred to me that things are pretty slow on the sign up bonus front. Yesterday Liz talked about some of her recent credit card signups. Sure those are some decent bonuses, especially for churners like her. But it’s nothing super exciting. The points and miles community needs something to get fired up about. We need big 100k offers from Chase, Amex, or Citi to spice things up a bit.

Sapphire Reserve Mania

I remember just over a year ago when the Chase Sapphire Reserve first launched. It was NUTS. Not only was the card a home run on it’s own, it came with a massive 100k point sign up bonus. Since then we’ve seen a handful of other banks try to mimic Chase’s success, but they haven’t come close with the card, or sign up bonus.

Citi Executive AAdvantage

Back in 2014 Citi teamed up with American Airlines to offer a huge 100k mile sign up bonus on the Citi Executive AAdvantage card. At the time, AAdvantage miles were worth far more than they are now which made this a can’t miss bonus. That was a round trip flight in business class to Europe or Asia with the click of a button.

An Amex Platinum 100k Offer?

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel after all? Well sort of. Via Deals We Like, some people are getting a massive 100k point American Express Platinum offer via the Card Match tool. Card Match is great because you can see your available offerings without using a “hard pull” on your credit report. I wasn’t selected for the 100k offer, probably because I’ve taken out two Amex cards this year. Fortunately, my wife was selected! My wife is sitting a few cards below the Chase 5/24 rule so the timing is perfect.  I think we’ll pull the trigger today.

American Express Platinum Changes March 30
100k Membership Rewards = ~$1,800 to me

Bottom Line

In my opinion the Amex Platinum card is not close to being on the same level as the Chase Sapphire Reserve for long-term spending. The only way I could rationalize keeping it is if I spent a ton of money on paid airfare to maximize the 5X spending airline spending bonus. However, American Express Membership Rewards are worth ~ 1.8 cents each to me. That makes this sign up bonus a can’t miss proposition.

I’m still waiting for a public offer that gets everybody hyped in our weird miles and points clique. But in the meantime, check if you’re available for the 100k Amex offer. It’s a can’t miss deal!

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