My Recent Credit Card Signups

I’ve talked in the past about the cards in my wallet, my perfect trifecta, and re-evaluating my trifecta.  Ben has also talked about his credit card strategy, especially with the Blue Business Plus.  But today I wanted to talk a little bit about recent credit cards I’ve signed up for (almost) solely for the sign-up bonuses.

JetBlue Plus Card

jetblue plus card

This is an all-time high signup bonus out featuring a 60,000 point sign-up bonus – the highest ever. Even better you only need to spend $1,000 in 90 days to get it!

The earning rates on this card are only interesting if you spend money at JetBlue:

  • 6x points at JetBlue
  • 2x points for restaurants and groceries
  • 1x points for everything else

But the sign-up bonus alone is worth $582-$1,134 according to Doctor of Credit. Plus there are some additional perks such as a free checked bag, 10% back when redeeming points, and 50% off in-flight purchases.

A big benefit for me is I have a few thousand points hanging around from Amazon purchases so it’ll be nice to  have a healthy balance as well when I need it. JetBlue only flies to New York and Boston from my hometown airport of Phoenix Sky Harbor but luckily JetBlue points never expire so I don’t need to rush to use them!

Ritz-Carlton Credit Card

So unfortunately this card right now is only offering 2 free nights at a Category 1-4 Ritz-Carlton right now, not 3 nights which was the all-time high. However as part of my next trip we very much want to stay at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay. And, since I am far over 5/24 and the Marriott card is out, this is the best way to do so.

In order to hit the $4,000 spend I used a combination of everyday spend and paying bills through Plastiq. This card does have a steep $450 annual fee but it also has a $300 airline credit meaning you can get most of the annual fee back.

Even better? The nights posted as soon as I hit minimum spend, no waiting for a statement to close! 

Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay
Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay (photo courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton website)

Merrill+ Edge Card

I signed up for this a few months ago. This card is no longer accepting new applications but I wanted to highlight how cards such as these are not always mentioned often but can offer really excellent sign-up bonuses. The Merrill+ card was mentioned on Doctor of Credit’s best signup bonus page for awhile (recommend checking it out!). This one basically gave me two round-trip tickets of up to $500 each as a sign-up bonus – really lucrative!

Amazon Prime Rewards Card

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card
Amazon Prime Rewards 5% back credit card

I wrote a bit ago about this being a logical piece of the puzzle missing from my cards in my “wallet” (really a drawer). It has no annual fee and gives 5% back on Amazon purchases. Even though it’s possible to get 5% back, or more, by buying Amazon gift cards from a retailer this is easy. And sometimes easy wins in this points game!


Bottom Line

As you can see from the above I certainly am not trying to stay under 5/24 with Chase or on the other hand churning many credit cards at a time. I try to hit all time high signup bonuses, take advantage of deals ending, and choose cards based on my travel goals. Some may still call me a “churner” but I typically sign up for about 7-10 cards a year strategically. That way I can easily hit minimum spend, get lucrative sign-up bonuses, and achieve my travel goals without a ton of stress and worry.

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