Review: Silvercar Denver

This week I finally had the chance to try out Silvercar. I’ve known about the service for a few years, but the opportunity never presented itself to rent. Usually the price was either too high, or they didn’t serve the market I was visiting. On Wednesday I had to be in Casper, WY which meant a flight to Denver coupled with a drive to Wyoming. Incidentally, Silvercar had very competitive rates and a nice Black Friday sale which I took advantage of.

Silvercar Denver Review

Upon landing in Denver, I had a text from Silvercar that read:

Welcome to Denver, your Silvercar is ready for you! Please notify us that you’ve landed by tapping the “pick me up” button found in your app.

I followed the instructions and headed out towards the baggage claim doors. It’s my understanding that in many (most?) markets Silvercar picks you up at the curb in your car. That isn’t the case in Denver. Renters are asked to board the “Canopy” shuttle. Canopy is an off-airport parking lot that shares it’s facility with Silvercar. I must say, the drive is a little longer than I expected. As it is, Denver’s airport is really expansive. Silvercar’s location is a short distance beyond the traditional car rental facility. I’d say we spent about 10 minutes on the shuttle.

Picking Up The Silvercar: Denver

Fortunately, Silvercar passengers are the first to be dropped off at the Canopy lot. The cars are parked right inside the building shown below.

Canopy Airport Parking Denver

Upon arrival the process was seamless as advertised. Since this was my first time renting with Silvercar, I showed my credit card and ID to a guy waiting outside the shuttle. He scanned it on his phone and I was gone. No long waits at a counter or up-selling of insurance and GPS systems. In fact, the process was so fast that they only hold-up was my colleague using the bathroom. He said they were some of the cleanest public bathrooms he’s seen FWIW. I must say, the Canopy parking building was probably the nicest off-airport parking facility I’ve ever seen.

Overall Thoughts: Silvercar Denver

Silvercar’s value proposition is that they eliminate the pain points of traditional car rentals. I’d say for the most part that’s true for the Denver location. The main concern of course is the shuttle. I’ve got to say I sure felt like a normal rental car customer during the shuttle ride. Also noteworthy is that the location operates from 5am – 11am. Most rental car agencies at large airports are open 24/7. Silvercar’s website instructs passengers to contact them if they are experiencing a delay. Silvercar states they’ll make “alternate arrangements” for their customers. Presumably that means a standard car rental?

Bottom Line

There’s no doubt Silvercar Denver beats it’s local competition if all things were equal. However, that’s not always the case. I took advantage of a Black Friday sale to bring down the rate in-line with the Hertz’s of the world. Typically Silvercar is about 30-40% more expensive than it’s peers. If that were the case, I’d probably just stick with a normal rental car company. It’s also the reason I made a wish for a economy version of Silvercar earlier this week.

If you haven’t tried Silvercar, sign up and use my referral code: QPHZRXIF. We’ll both get a $25 Visa gift card. Just sign up on a normal web browser and toggle to “Accounts”. From there, you’ll see the referral section where you can enter the code. Once you’ve entered the referral code, you can also use promo code: BESTEVER during your first rental to get 30% off! Between the gift card and the promo code, you probably won’t pay anymore than you would for a normal car.

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