Bloomingdale’s Amex Offer: Spend $150+ get 3,000 Membership Rewards Points

There is a new Bloomingdale’s Amex Offer out to spend $150+ and get 3,000 Membership Rewards points! This is targeted and some users, as reported by Doctor of Credit, are receiving an offer for $30 back instead. The points, of course, are a much better option though.

Bloomingdales Amex Offer
Bloomingdales Amex Offer
If you’re not familiar with Amex Offers: these are very lucrative offers that come with the majority of American Express cards for either money savings or bonus American Express points. They can be found at the bottom of your card’s account screen. Doctor of Credit also has a very nice write-up on any details of Amex Offers you’d like to know

Bloomingdale’s Amex Offer: Details

This Bloomingdale’s Amex Offer is straightforward as far as earnings. If you spend $150+ you get 3,000 Membership Rewards points. 

3,000 Amex points are worth $54 if you value them at 1.8 cents each (like I do). In addition, you can use an online cash back portal to get up to 10% cash back as well. If you would like to resell gift cards you purchase Card Kangaroo will give you $117 for your $150 gift card.

This means you can get a return of 46% by using this offer in conjunction with a cash back portal. Or, if you sell the gift card, you get 3,000 Membership Rewards points for $18 ($150 – $15 cash back portal – $117 payment for gift card). 

Bloomingdale's Amex Offer
Bloomingdale’s Amex Offer Terms

Bloomingdales Amex Offer: Final Thoughts

Similar to the H&M and StitchFix Amex Offers I find this very valuable (actually more so than these two!). I plan on picking up a gift card for the inevitable wedding gift purchase, or anything else. But, if you are looking to resell it’s a good opportunity as well! If you’re a master reseller you should be able to beat the rates I listed above.

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