Please Start An Economy Version of Silvercar

I know I’m way behind on this, but I’ll finally be trying Silvercar upon landing in Denver today. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, Silvercar is a tech company disrupting traditional car rentals. The service is app-based and cuts out all the traditional headaches of car rentals like up-selling, unknown fuel surcharges, and long counter lines.

Silvercar’s fleet is comprised entirely of Audi A4 vehicles. Audi must have been so impressed by this decision that they decided to purchase Silvercar earlier this year. Since Audi A4’s are a luxury car, you’ll typically find that Silvercar rentals are 30-40% more than standard car rentals. This isn’t always the rule, but that’s what I’ve found the average to be.

If you haven’t tried Silvercar, sign up and use my referral code: QPHZRXIF. We’ll both get a $25 gift card. Just login to your account on a normal web browser and toggle to “Accounts”. From there, you’ll see the referral section where you can enter the code. Once you’ve entered the referral code, you can also use promo code: BESTEVER during your first rental to get 30% off! Between the gift card and the promo code, you probably won’t pay anymore than you would for a normal car.

While I’m really excited to try out Silvercar, it’s left me wondering; Why isn’t there an economy version of Silvercar?

Somebody Please Start An Economy Version of Silvercar

Presumably one of the largest expenses when launching a car rental service is the cars themselves. An Audi A4 comes with an MSRP of $34,900. Meanwhile, something fairly basic like a Kia Forte has an MSRP of $16,600. I’d assume that cutting your largest expenditure in half would significantly lower rental rates.

Today I’ll be landing in Denver and then driving another 3.5 hours to Casper, WY. The reason I’m pretty excited about Silvercar is that it will likely get me on the road faster than a traditional rental car. That being said, I could care less whether I’m driving an Audi, or a 5 year old Toyota. As long as it gets me there, I’m good. In fact, an Audi might actually stick out a bit in Casper. I might actually prefer something a little less flashy.

Kia Forte – MSRP $16,600

So why isn’t there a company that includes all the conveniences of Silvercar, but with a more traditional car? I remember when Uber first launched, it was a black car service. After a short period of time, they realized that they were leaving so many potential customers on the table. As a result, UberX and Lyft launched, and astronomical growth followed. It seems to me that this would be a natural progression for Silvercar, or any other startup looking to disrupt the car rental industry.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately I don’t have an extra $10 million or so to get this project off the ground. Silicon Valley people, give me a call! Anyway, has anyone heard of an economy version of Silvercar in the works? I’d be more than happy to pay a ~ 10% premium over standard rental cars for such a service. This has to happen!

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