Blog Update, Flying With A Small Child and More!

And we’re back! My wife, daughter and myself spent some time in Houston for Thanksgiving visiting family. Our daughter is only 6 months old and just completed her 3rd round trip flight!  Hopefully all this early flight experience helps as she gets older. No doubt the challenges of flying with a small child will increase as she continues to become more mobile.

Our trip was a nonstop from Phoenix to Houston. The baby was rather calm and collected on the way there, but had some hiccups on the way back. She started to get fussy right after take off. Although the crying only lasted a few minutes, it seemed like hours. Unfortunately, none of our tricks were working. With the seat belt light on, It’s just one of those times where you can’t walk around with her. That would have likely done the trick. Either way, it was a daytime flight so I wasn’t as concerned about other people’s sleep.

American Airlines isn’t exactly known for customer service, but we had a really nice flight attendant on the way back. She swung by to say hi to the baby a few times. Additionally, she gave us a “Junior Aviator Logbook”. It’s a fun little book that allows parents to enter in each flight a child has taken. I thought it was a nice touch.

American Airlines Junior Aviator Logbook

Blog Update

You might have noticed that both Liz and I took a little time off from the blog around Thanksgiving. There’s something about sitting around eating and drinking all day that makes it difficult to blog. Maybe it’s the turkey hangover. Anyway, we’re back and ready to finish out the year strong.

Last month was our best month yet. Our site had over 6,000 visitors in October and 8,500 page views. Blogging isn’t easy. It’s a slow melt up in readers, but we’re encouraged with the growth! We were fortunate to receive a link from Gary at View From The Wing about keeping Hyatt Explorist. That alone accounted for just over 1,000 visitors of our October visitors. Even without any significant referrals in November, plus a major holiday, we still expect to welcome over 5,000 readers this month! Thank you to all of our readers that made this possible!

Just a reminder, Points, Miles, and More offers an authenticity pledge that we will not try to sell, or recommend, products we don’t actually think are awesome just to make some extra cash. If you want to support the site feel free to use this link to do your shopping through Amazon. We will receive a small percentage back and the price will be the same for you. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s hoping for some great points and miles opportunities in the near future!

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