Are Cyber Monday Travel Deals Worth Buying?

It’s no secret that Americans are massive consumers. In fact, we make up more than 25% of the worlds consumer market. Give us an excuse to buy something and we’ll fall right in line. The latest gimmick brought to us by marketing companies is “Cyber Monday”. It’s the online version of Black Friday. For whatever reason online purchases couldn’t have just been included on Black Friday. We needed another day!

Anyway, Cyber Monday deals typically feature items like flat screen TV’s, toys, and other popular Christmas gifts. No doubt feeling left out, the travel industry is attempting to get in on the fun. This year we’re seeing a flood of discounts from hotels, tour operators and more. Are these Cyber Monday travel deals worth buying, or should you take a hard pass?

2017 Cyber Monday Travel Deals

Thus far one of the most publicized Cyber Monday articles is courtesy of the New York Times. The Times piece announces decent discounts at a few independent hotels. Additionally you’ll find price savings of around 30% on expensive tour packages typically priced in the $3,000-$4,000 range.

Nayara Springs Resory, Costa Rica. 4 nights for $1,950, which is apparently a savings of $1,050.

Just this morning Forbes published the “Top 45 Cyber Monday Travel Deals for 2017“. Forbes breaks down the deals by country. Most of the deals you’ll find are for independent hotels that range from 20-50% off normal rates.

Are Cyber Monday Travel Deals Worth Buying?

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me, none of the deals are particularly interesting. Unless I was already planning to visit one of the featured properties on a paid rate, the “deals” just don’t do much for me. Certainly the discounts aren’t worth planning a vacation around. The thing is, if you’re going to search for a paid rate, there’s always going to be hotels with discounted rates of 30% or more. This is especially true in large markets like New York City with large hotel inventory.

Cyber Monday Travel Ideas

I’m probably being unrealistic here, but I’ve got a few ideas on how Cyber Monday could be a hit with serious travelers. How about steep discounts on something like airline miles or hotel point purchases? What about a one day increased sign-up bonus on popular travel credit cards? That might get me up in the morning. What about you? Have you found any Cyber Monday deals to be worthwhile? Do you have any suggestions to make the day better for travelers?

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