H&M Amex Offer: Spend $50+ get 1,500 Membership Rewards points!

There is a new H&M Amex Offer out to spend $50+ and get 1,500 Membership Rewards points! This is targeted but was on both my American Express Everyday Preferred card, and my husbands as my authorized user!

H&M Amex Offer
H&M Amex Offer
If you’re not familiar with Amex Offers: these are very lucrative offers that come with the majority of American Express cards for either money savings or bonus American Express points. For a complete guide to Amex Offers I would suggest checking out Frequent Miler’s for how to maximize the offers including adding to multiple cards.

H&M Amex Offer: Details

This H&M Amex Offer is straightforward as far as earnings. If you spend $50+ you get 1,500 Membership Rewards points. 1,500 Amex points are worth $27 if you value them at 1.8 cents each (like I do). This would give you a return of up to 54% on your purchase!


H&M Amex Offer Terms
H&M Amex Offer Terms

Considering you can make purchases either online or in-store this offer should be valuable for just about everyone. H&M has extremely reasonable prices already and even if you don’t like the style of their clothes they sell plenty of “staple” type clothes so you can pick up some basic t-shirts, socks, etc. at a great price.

H&M Amex Offer: Final Thoughts

Getting an Amex Offer that allows for a return of up to 54% at a store like H&M that is very easy to redeem at is awesome. Even if you don’t think you may be a typical H&M shopper be sure to take a look – you may be surprised.

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