Hopper Is Rolling Out A Hotel Search Feature

Travel booking app Hopper is on a roll. According to TechCrunch, the app boasts over 17 million installs. Furthermore, the company is booking over $1.5 million in flights per day for it’s users. We first wrote about Hopper earlier this year as a great way to exclude basic economy flights from your searches. In addition to that cool feature, the core of Hopper’s business is the ability to predict whether the current price of a flight will rise or fall. As the app grows in popularity, Hopper is rolling out a hotel search feature to help travelers predict the price of hotel rooms.

Hopper Flight Search Tool
Hopper’s convenient color-coded price calendar

Hopper Hotels

Like it’s popular price prediction model for flights, Hopper’s hotel feature will help predict whether room rates at specific hotels will rise or fall. Hopper claims that it’s data is 95% accurate up to 6 months in advance. That’s really impressive, if proven to be true. While the hotel prediction feature is initially limited to New York City, another 10 markets are expected to be launched soon.

How Hopper Works

Hopper is really easy to use. Let’s say you want visit New York City in February. With Hopper’s hotel platform you’ll enter your preferred dates. The app initially give you a color coded calendar which indicates which dates are more expensive than others. This gives you an opportunity to tweak your schedule if possible. Next your results will be available on a map so you can browse properties near where you want to be. To make sure each property meets your tastes, every hotel will have it’s own profile with photos and information. From there, you’re able to book your reservation.

Will I Earn Points & Miles With Hopper?

Well, points and miles is what we’re here for, so this is important. Typically when booking at online travel agencies (OTA’s), you can earn airline miles. I haven’t tested this with Hopper and their website doesn’t broach the subject. With hotel reservations, the opposite is generally true. Rooms booked on OTA’s typically don’t earn hotel points. My suggestion is to use Hopper for the data, but book your travel directly through the airline or hotel.

Bottom Line

I think the technology at Hopper is both great, and sometimes frustrating. The prediction model is really cool and should always be used if you’re curious about flight (and now hotel) costs. However, I wish they had a desktop version. Limiting Hopper to an app is a bummer because I usually plan most of my travel on a traditional web browser with several tabs open at a time. It’s a little cumbersome to have to setup a search on Hopper’s mobile app when it could be done in half the time in a desktop version. That being said, I’m all about data and saving money. In my mind, Hopper’s price-prediction technology is second to none and the app is a must-have for serious travelers.

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