AA FA’s Still Unaware Of Revenue-Based System?

Something kind of funny/sad happened on my outbound flight from Phoenix to Honlulu last week. When it became time for the AAdvantage credit card pitch, the flight attendant didn’t quite understand how American flyers earn mileage. “Here’s your chance to earn 50,000 bonus miles – That’s on top of the almost 3,000 miles you’ll earn for this flight!” the FA announced. Are AA FA’s still unaware of revenue-based system?

AA Mileage Accrual Rundown

Given the fact that most people likely paid ~ $500 round trip, their earnings were probably around 1,250 miles for that flight. As a reminder, American gives AAdvantage members 5x miles per dollar spent. Likely the flight attendant thought flyers were still earning one mile per mile flown, which sadly seems like so long ago. In the old days that flight would have earned 2,917 miles according to milecalc.

American Airlines – Home of zero award availability!

American announced their new revenue-based AAdvantage program last summer. Maybe I’m being naive, but shouldn’t flight attendants know this? I know they have tons of other responsibilities, but a basic understanding of their own frequent flyer program doesn’t seem unreasonable. I suppose there’s a slight chance the flight attendant was including our flights back. In my case my round trip flights did earn close to 3,000 miles. But there’s really no way to know what each passenger would earn since everyone paid a different amount.

Another thing I love about the credit card pitch is how the sign-up bonus is explained. FA’s often exclaim that “It’s going to pay for your next vacation!”. Since some FA’s apparently don’t know how mileage accrual works, it’s probable they’re unaware of American’s really sad award availability.

Bottom Line

A little bit of basic training might be in store for American FA’s. They shouldn’t be making assumptions of how many miles flyers are going to earn on a given flight. AAdvantage has been revenue based long enough for them to know better.

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