Conrad Maldives Hilton Gold and Diamond Benefits: Mandhoo, Vilu, and Atoll Market

Introduction: A Trip to the Conrad Maldives
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Conrad Maldives:
– Seaplane Ride, Male Airport Lounge, and Arrival
– Beach Villa
– Deluxe Beach Villa
– Superior Water Villa
Ithaa Undersea Restaurant: Cocktails
– Hilton Gold and Diamond Benefits: Mandhoo Tea, Free Breakfast at Vilu and Atoll Market
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Going to the Conrad Maldives on points can still be an expensive proposition. See: Ithaa Underwater Restaurant. But, going to the Conrad on points as a Hilton Gold or Diamond member can save you a significant amount of money due to some unique benefits they offer:

The key benefits of being Hilton Gold are as follows:

  • Breakfast at Vilu or Atoll Market
  • Afternoon Tea at Mandhoo: 4pm-5pm
  • Happy Hour at Vilu: 5pm-6pm
  • Fruit Basket with chocolate and welcome bottle of wine
  • We also received two additional perks explained below that were most likely due to us staying in low season

Diamond members receive the above plus access to the Conrad Airport Lounge upon departure and a $25 spa discount card.

The above free breakfast, afternoon tea, and happy hour combos allow for a big chunk of your day to be covered with free food, snacks and beverages. Key at places like the Conrad where the club sandwich is $33 (yes, really).

As a reminder Hilton Gold is easily attainable by having the Hilton Honors Surpass Card from American Express which has a $75 annual fee.

Additional Hilton Gold benefits for our stay:

These two benefits, I believe, were unique to the time of year (late July) that we were visiting.

Hilton Honors Lunch Discount

The other benefit was a sheet offering us an additional 15 minute head or foot massage with any 60 minute or more spa treatment.

These two benefits were nice as we did go to the spa, but we only had one lunch since we usually had a big breakfast.

Conrad Maldives Atoll Market Breakfast

Free breakfast is beneficial at any hotel but especially nice at a luxury brand like the Conrad. And much like the Conrad Hong Kong we were very impressed with the offerings at the Conrad Maldives. Atoll Market is on the main island (link to resort map here). Atoll is the larger general buffet at the resort and where the majority of guests seem to dine for breakfast despite also having access to Vilu. There are far more options at Atoll but Vilu offers a la carte items as well as champagne!

We went to Atoll for breakfast the first three mornings while staying in the Beach Villa and Deluxe Beach Villa since everything was on the same island. Atoll has a sand floor so once you were seated at one of the open air covered tables, or uncovered tables, you just kicked your shoes off and headed to the buffet.

Atoll Restaurant
Courtesy of Conrad Maldives website due to too many folks being in Atoll during our visits to get a wide shot
Conrad Maldives Atoll Market Pastries
Conrad Maldives Atoll Market warm pastries
Warm pastries
Conrad Maldives Atoll Market Jams
Variety of jams, clotted cream, etc.
Conrad Maldives Atoll Market cold cuts and cheeses
Cold cuts and cheeses
Conrad Maldives Atoll Market sushi
Sushi and salad bar
Conrad Maldives Atoll Market heat lamp
Some hot Western prepared items
Conrad Maldives Atoll Market Syrups and Condiments
Syrup and other toppings for pancakes and waffles
Conrad Maldives Atoll Market Omelet Bar
Next to made to order omelet station. Those hash browns on the right = addictive
Conrad Maldives Atoll Market Asian hot items
A variety of Asian hot dishes that rotated daily. Options typically included at least one Chinese or Indian dish
Conrad Maldives Atoll Market Fruit
Fresh fruit
Conrad Maldives Atoll Market Juice Bar
Made to order juice bar
Conrad Maldives Atoll Market Beverages
Juices, still, and sparkling water (didn’t have to pay for Voss at breakfast at least!)

Overall we were impressed with the selection at Vilu. I just did notice I missed a picture of some additional hot Western options – standard bacon/sausage/egg type items. The food was always fresh, constantly refilled, and the variety was certainly very good as well!

Conrad Maldives Vilu Breakfast

Vilu seems to be more of a favorite of Conrad repeat guests. We dined there twice when staying in our Superior Water Villa. It is more intimate, the views are stunning, and there are a la carte options. That being said, the buffet is significantly smaller so there is less variety if that’s what you’re looking for.

The menu during our stay was as follows:

Vilu Breakfast Conrad Maldives Menu 1 Vilu Breakfast Conrad Maldives Menu Vilu Breakfast Conrad Maldives Menu

As mentioned above the buffet section (and restaurant as a whole) was much smaller than Vilu but still had some decent options:

Vilu Breakfast Conrad Maldives Fruit
Fresh fruit
Vilu Breakfast Conrad Maldives Cold cuts and sushi
Cold cuts and cheese
Vilu Breakfast Conrad Maldives Salad Bar
Salad bar
Vilu Breakfast Conrad Maldives Cereal and juice
Yogurts, cereals, pastries, etc.
Vilu Breakfast Conrad Maldives Dim sum and noodles
Dim sum and soup options

We ordered a couple a la carte dishes each morning which were very reasonably sized so you could still pick and fill in from the buffet.

Vilu Breakfast Conrad Maldives Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict
Vilu Breakfast Conrad Maldives Scotch Eggs
Scotch egg with a caviar butter toast

Most importantly at Vilu is the beautiful breakfast views (heck even the walk from our Superior Water Villa) was awesome.

Vilu Restaurant Conrad Maldives
Entrance to Vilu after 3 minute walk from Superior Water Villa
Vilu Restaurant Conrad Maldives Happy Hour
View of the main island from Vilu

Vilu was a very nice change from the large breakfasts at Atoll. That being said the menu wasn’t huge and we were very happy splitting our time between both spots based on which island we were staying at each morning.

Conrad Maldives Mandhoo Tea

Mandhoo is a restaurant next to the Retreat Water Villas and Spa  (link to resort map here). We would start our afternoon here at 4pm after snorkeling, swimming, jet skiing, or whatever activity we did for the day. Usually, despite a late breakfast, we were famished at this point if we skipped a snack so Mandhoo was great to fill up on in prep for the 5pm happy hour.

First, here are the food and drink options (plus there was sparkling and still water).

Mandhoo Desserts
Light desserts
Mandhoo Snacks Conrad Maldives
Light sandwhiches
Mandhoo afternoon tea
Mandhoo Afternoon Tea Conrad Maldives
Sample plate from a separate day
Mandhoo Tea - Drinks
Tea and coffee

The views were just as stunning as Vilu:

Mandhoo Restaurant Conrad Maldives Mandhoo Conrad Maldives Mandhoo Conrad Maldives Views

In addition we had some very large friends every day at tea. The first couple days we just had one ray and then another joined.

Mandhoo Rays Conrad Maldives

Mandhoo was a very relaxing spot to start our afternoon/evenings. Gorgeous, plenty to snack on, and relax.

Conrad Maldives Vilu Happy Hour

Every day as we wrapped up at Mandhoo we would have them call a “buggy” (golf cart) to take us the long distance from Mandhoo to the Vilu happy hour which started at 5pm. The Vilu happy hour was 5-6pm and didn’t have self-serve food but also didn’t have a drink limit. With beer prices around $10 you could really get some value here on drinks if you wanted to!

The drink menu:

Vilu Happy Hour Conrad Maldives
Vilu Happy Hour Menu

Here are a couple sample plates of the hors d’ouevres, plus shots of the views. The hors d’ouevres were pretty average but a nice Hilton Gold benefit nonetheless:

Vilu Happy Hour Snacks  Vilu Happy Hour Snacks 2

Vilu Happy Hour

Vilu Restaurant Conrad Maldives view

Every afternoon at the end of the Vilu happy hour at 6pm we would usually sit and relax to wrap up our last drink. Or we would head to Rangali bar via the below traditional Maldivian boat to take advantage of the half off happy hour (runs from 5-7pm and accessible to everyone). The boat ran back and forth throughout the day and was a free feature. Crossing the short distance between the two islands with a breeze was always a gorgeous way to head to dinner or our second of happy hours!

Conrad Maldives Boat

Conrad Maldives Hilton Honors Benefits: Bottom Line

With Gold or Diamond status you get quite a few perks at the Conrad Maldives! If you are heading to the Conrad Maldives, on points or cash, it is an absolute no brainer to pick up the Hilton Surpass card from American Express. You will very easily get more than $75 in value in just one day with it.

Questions on my experience at the Conrad Maldives? Feel free to drop me an email!

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2 thoughts on “Conrad Maldives Hilton Gold and Diamond Benefits: Mandhoo, Vilu, and Atoll Market

  1. Great informative blog Liz! Thanks for the info! A few questions for you if I may:
    1) I take that all of the benefits you mentioned being at Hilton Gold member were free or you had to pay separately for the A la carte at the Vilu?
    2) I’m sure you mentioned this on your other Maldives blog, but instead of searching for that, I’ll add the question here–how many full days did you spend at the Maldives/Conrad Maldives? And was it ‘enough’?


    1. Hi Ethan, I should have clarified better. Yes, a la carte at Vilu is free as well!

      We stayed for 5 nights but arrived on the early side, at noon, and were on the last plane out around 5pm so we really maximized our time there. We definitely could have done a couple more nights there but our bank account thanked us for leaving when we did :). 7 nights would have been perfect I think.

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