One-way Car Rental Deals Are Here

As you might know, Liz and I are based in the Phoenix area. At long last, our summer is coming to end. 100+ degree days are turning into 80’s and that means the tourists and snowbirds are beginning to arrive. Often times when a shift happens from low season to peak season, the opportunity to snag one-way car rental deals become available. Today I’ll go into a little more detail on how this works, and some great opportunities that are out there.

The Details: One-way Car Rental Deals

The mechanics of these deals are pretty straightforward. Car rental companies need to shift their inventory for customer demands. For example, summer is a huge market for San Diego and car rental demand is enormous. Once fall comes around, the demand lightens. At the same time, peak season is just kicking off in the Phoenix area. As a result, car rental companies are happy to let customer shift their inventory from San Diego to Phoenix for practically nothing.

Example Deals

Here’s a few deals that are currently available. By no means is this a complete list. Remember, to take advantage, consider markets that are beginning or ending a peak tourist season.

San Diego to Phoenix
Charlotte to Jacksonville
Denver to Las Vegas

When To Consider One-Way Car Rental Deals

There’s a few scenarios where these deals really make sense. First, if you’re traveling with more than one person. The more people you pack into a car, the more you’re going to save as an alternative to flying. The economics obviously aren’t as favorable for solo travelers.

Second, one-way car rentals can make sense if you’d like to visit two destinations on the same vacation. For example, if you’re from New York and would like to visit San Diego and Phoenix on the same trip, this a great option. Your family can book a one-way flight from NYC to San Diego, then grab a one-way car rental to Phoenix. Once your trip is over, simply fly one-way from Phoenix back home.

Bottom Line

Always check for one-way deals if you’re considering a regional flight. Personally, if the drive is under 6 hours, I’ll consider a car rental. At that point I’m not losing too much time substituting a drive for a flight. Have you ever taken advantage of a one-way deal? If so, where?



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