Metal Detectors At Hotels?

In the wake of this week’s awful attack on a musical festival in Las Vegas, many are wondering what could be done to prevent such an event in the future. It appears as if at least one hotel is testing the idea of placing metal detectors at it’s property as a deterrent to would be terrorists. The Wynn Las Vegas rolled out enhanced security methods after Sunday night’s attack including various forms of metal detection. While these efforts might just be a test, could we be on our way to seeing metal detectors at hotels across the United States?

Metal Detectors At Hotels: Not Unprecedented

Last year my wife’s job brought us to Mumbai, India for two weeks. While there, I was amazed at the amount of security we encountered entering most higher end properties. First, security guards check your car/taxi for potential bombs at the perimeter of the property. Next, you place your belongings through a scanner while passing through the metal detector to enter the hotel. In addition to hotels, you couldn’t even enter a Starbucks in Mumbai with passing through a checkpoint.

Gateway Of India
My wife and I at The Gateway Of India – launch point of the 2008 Mumbai attacks

No doubt the enhanced security is a result of the 2008 terrorist attacks which targeted tourist attractions, Western hotels, hospitals, and a Jewish community center across Mumbai. I’ve also encountered this type of security while traveling in Bangkok, itself target of terrorism in the past. Liz mentioned to me that her travels in Bali were also riddled with enhanced security measures at her hotels. The local government even conducted roadside military checkpoints to search for weapons.

Are Metal Detectors Next In The US?

Personally, the thought of placing metal detectors and bag scans outside of major hotels just makes me sad. I know there’s a lot of political thoughts about guns and their place in society. That’s not really don’t want to get into on the blog. It’s just too bad that we’re not living in a world where any gathering of people has become a target.

From a logistical standpoint, enhanced security outside of hotels in Las Vegas sounds like a difficult proposition. Tens of thousands of people stream in and out of these properties everyday. Creating a plan to clear security without a large wait seems difficult to pull off. And we know casinos want gamblers in there as soon as possible. Sadly, it might take a mass shooting right on the casino floor for the hotels and casinos to initiate full-time screening.

Bottom Line

I’m hopeful that we get to a point where these attacks subside. It would be nice if we get to a point where the thought of enhanced security to enter a hotel is a relic of the past.

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  1. It is pure fantasy to actually believe that potential mass shootings will just simply become blasé and unfashionable by the psychos and media seeking freaks. Metal detectors with tight security teams will strongly deter gun toting fiends. Now the true question- is an individual’s safety and life of valuable or is convenience and money-making the true importance?

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