Keep Hyatt Explorist: (re)Match Hyatt Status to Mlife!

I have written in the past about how lucrative the partnership between Mlife and Hyatt is. Now that we’re into October it is time to match Hyatt status to Mlife again. If you do this as an Explorist you will then be able to keep your Hyatt status past next February even if you don’t re-qualify on nights or stays.

How to get Hyatt Status from Mlife

Match Hyatt Status to Mlife: Background

If you’re not familiar with the partnership between Hyatt and Mlife here is a quick primer:

Main Benefits of Mlife Hyatt Partnership

  • Almost any charges made to your room earn at least 5 Hyatt points per dollar. Or more depending on your Hyatt or Mlife status. This includes restaurant charges at any MGM resort – not just the hotel you are staying at.
  • Status match to an Mlife tier or vice versa
    • Hyatt Explorist and Globalist -> Mlife Gold
    • Hyatt Discoverist -> Mlife Pearl
  • Get eligible stays towards Hyatt status by staying at an MGM Resorts property
  • If you are an Mlife member you receive 8 tier credits per $1 of eligible spend toward your Mlife status at Hyatt properties
  • Often cheaper room rates in Vegas due to Mlife status

Why you should match Hyatt status to Mlife

Mlife status expires on October 1st. If you earned (or matched) your status in the last twelve months you should still have your status through September of 2018. If you matched from October 2015-September 2016 your status has probably now expired unless you managed to re-qualify for Mlife Gold on your own.

So now is the time to match your Hyatt Explorist status back to Mlife Gold. Then when your Hyatt Explorist status expires in February you can re-match from Mlife Gold back to Hyatt Explorist. Confusing? Yes, a little bit. Full details are here on how the Mlife Gold to Hyatt Explorist works.

Luckily it is easy to match from Hyatt back to Mlife. Simply follow the prompts from this link but be prepared to have to contact Hyatt directly as I have had to in the past.

Bottom Line

Not only is this a lucrative points earning partnership but the hack to keep Hyatt Explorist is great. The 4 club upgrades as an Explorist have definitely come in handy for me and can be worth the matching twice a year alone.

*Don’t forget: you also can gift your spouse Mlife status through this partnership via this hack!*

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9 thoughts on “Keep Hyatt Explorist: (re)Match Hyatt Status to Mlife!

  1. I just checked and my mlife is showing as Gold right now. How do I know when that will expire? Can’t find it anywhere.

    1. Hi Ken, if you are showing as Gold now then that means you are Gold through end of September 2018, and that you earned your status between October 2016-September 2017. Otherwise, your status would have expired over the weekend.

  2. I have Mlife Plat until Sept 2018 and hope to match to Explorer again in March once my Explorer status expires. I hope you’re right about being able to re-match since I’m contemplating staying those 10 nights between now and end of this year for the promo that Hyatt came out with for expedited Explorer status.

  3. I’m also showing I’m still Gold as of today (10/13). Does this mean that when my Hyatt Explorist status expires at the end of Feb 2018, it’ll just get renewed or remain Explorist? Or will I go down to Discoverist and then have to contact Hyatt at the time to match (again) to my Mlife Gold status (and, thus, “renew” my Hyatt Explorist status?) Thanks for any help you can provide. I’ve only ever done the matching once, early this year, so don’t know if I can do it again…

    1. The second part is correct, you’ll lose your current Explorist status at the end of February and need to rematch from Mlife to Hyatt to get back to Explorist

  4. Typical MLife B.S. website shenanigans: Clicking the “CLICK HERE TO OPT IN” button displays the following:


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