Top Post Roundup: September

It’s a busy weekend over here as I’m working on getting the Maldives trip report wrapped up finally for next week! I wanted to share what our top posts were from the month of September. It’s always interesting to see what grabs your attention as readers, from the expected to the unexpected…

Top Posts: September 2017:

Saks Amex Offer: Spend $450+ to earn 7,000 Membership Rewards Points
This is a surprising one. Although I was happy to take advantage of this deal it’s certainly not for everyone. I suppose the allure of 7,000 Membership Rewards points means it’s hard to not at least check this out!

Cancelling the SPG Amex: Suggested Improvements
Ben covers why he was cancelling his SPG Amex. What was once the gold standard in the points and miles world for everyday spend has now been overtaken by other options including the Amex Blue Business Plus which offers 2x Membership Rewards points on every purchase.

Credit Card Churning Thoughts
Only a day old and already in the top three!  Ben clearly hit a nerve with all of us in the points and miles world as we see credit card churning opportunities drying up. Although Ben is a little more conservative and attempts to stay under 5/24, I’m a medium level churner around 15/24 so always keeping an eye on things. The potential impact on insurance is a scary one to keep an eye on…

Plastiq is Still Processing Amex Mortgage/Rent Payments
Alright readers, now I’m starting to take this personally. This is Ben’s 3rd article in the top 5. Anyways, Ben describes how he is still using an Amex with Plastiq to pay his mortgage, so not all hope is lost!

IHG 5,000 Points on Next Stay: Few Restrictions
This is an easy offer from IHG that unfortunately was for September only. A good reminder to always keep an eye on those emails though as this was able to stack with the IHG Accelerate promo meaning I earned 17,000 points on my recent two night IHG stay!

That’s it for September! Have a happy points earning weekend everyone!

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