Uber Visa Local Offers: Get 10% back at TONS of places

Uber Visa Local Offers was re-released, and rebranded from Uber Offers, a month ago. I’m reporting back on how this is insanely lucrative at the moment! I am stacking 10% back on top of earning credit card points at TONS of places – often by accident!

Make sure to read on even if you’re thinking “I don’t really use Uber”. You can use these credits for more than just Uber rides!

Uber Visa Local Offers

Let’s start out with the simple stuff. What is Visa Local Offers from Uber? Basically, it is a way to earn up to 10% back in Uber credits when using a Visa card linked to your Uber account.

To enroll in Uber Visa Local Offers: 

  1. Add ALL of your Visa cards you may use as payment methods in your Uber account
  2. Tap the bottom of the screen to see your messages
  3. Scroll down to the “Visa Local Offers” message, click “Get Started”
  4. Tap “Count Me In”

Also check out Uber’s YouTube video for step by step instructions if necessary:

Once you do this, you automatically start earning when using an enrolled Visa at any participating merchant!

Uber Visa Local Offers: Where and How Much

Here is the fun part! So far this sounds just kind of average, right? Well, trust me, this is not some super limited list of restaurants. This includes tons of places including these highlights:

  • Walgreens – 10% back
  • Staples – 10% back
  • Whole Foods – 10% back 
  • Regal Cinemas – 10% back
  • Tons of restaurants – local and chains! 10% back. A small sampling of well known chain restaurants:
    • Seasons 52
    • Yard House
    • Arby’s
    • Papa John’s

I have earned $30 in Uber credits over the past month on accident, just from going to places I normally do, and not even checking the app. This is without even focusing on the opportunities to maximize rewards at places like Staples by buying gift cards.

Uber Visa Local Offers
Uber Visa Local Offers in Uber app

Uber Visa Local Offers: How to Use

Here’s the (next) best part! Let’s say you don’t really use Uber. Or you’ve decided to #deleteuber and become a user of Lyft. Luckily you can also use these credits towards UberEATS and get some free restaurant delivery!

When selecting your payment type while ordering an Uber, or through UberEATS, just make sure your credits are showing to be used.

There are no limits to how much you can earn, although you can only earn up to $100 in credits in one transaction.

Uber Visa Local Offers: Bottom Line

How long this generosity will last with Uber Visa Local Offers nobody knows. But as long as they keep offering 10% back, in addition to regular earnings from your credit cards, take advantage!  I had signed up and figured whatever would roll in for the first month, great. Moving forward though, I will certainly be looking at the merchants listed and maximizing my purchases!

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