Saks Amex Offer! 7,000 MR Points for spending $450+!

Every weekend it seems I discover a new Amex Offer that’s going to save me bundles or make me a ton of Membership Rewards points. This targeted Saks Amex offer to spend $450+ for 7,000 American Express Membership Rewards points is no exception!

If you’re thinking “I don’t shop at overpriced luxury department stores like Saks”, fear not as I typically don’t either, and still read on! 

As a reminder here are a few recent Amex Offers that I’ve been able to take advantage of (and there are far more I didn’t post about, such as $60 off $300+ at Omni):

  1. $20 off $100 or more at Rent the Runway
  2. Up to 50% off groceries through Shipt 
  3. 30% off Amazon Kindle Unlimited
  4. 3,000 Membership Rewards points for spending $70+ at SunBasket
  5. $5 off $15 for Grubhub restaurant delivery service 

Saks Fifth Avenue Amex Offer

The Saks Fifth Avenue Amex Offer is targeted and was found on my Everyday Preferred card (one of the three cards in my trifecta). This Saks Amex Offer can give an incredible return by spending $450+ and getting 7,000 points in return. 7,000 Membership Rewards points are worth about $126, meaning a return of 28% if you play your cards right!

Saks Amex Offer
Saks Fifth Avenue Amex Offer

There are some pretty basic terms and conditions but nothing to trip you up too much:

Saks Fifth Avenue Amex Offer Terms and Conditions
Saks Fifth Avenue Amex Offer Terms and Conditions

How to maximize your Saks Amex Offer

If you’re one of the above mentioned people thinking “I’m not a millionaire and don’t shop at overpriced luxury department stores”, I hear you there! You have a few options on how to actually use this Amex Offer and come out ahead without needing to buy two $200 tshirts.

Option #1: Buy a gift card and resell it

This is a pretty easy option and has been discussed before with previous Saks Amex offers. Here are articles from Deals We Like and Doctor of Credit on how to do so. This probably is the route I will take unless the return looks really low. Keep in mind this will not offer the 28% return I mentioned above.

Option #2: Buy items that cost the same there as anywhere else

Saks Fifth Avenue certainly is overpriced. Exhibit A. However, certain things cost the same at Saks as they do anywhere else. One big example is cosmetics. Saks website offers tons of mainstream makeup brands such as Clinique, Lancome, and MAC. These are brands that you may go to Macy’s to buy but could easily go to Saks to purchase as well. Another example is perfume, cologne, or really the majority of items in the “Beauty” section.

If gift cards are selling low I will probably go the route of purchasing a couple gift cards. Then sell one, and spend the rest slowly over time on makeup or beauty type gifts around the holidays.

Saks Amex Offer Bottom Line

7,000 Membership Rewards points is a very generous Amex Offer for $450 in spend.  If you are already a Saks shopper this is a no brainer. Even if you’re not there are plenty of ways to still get tons of value out of this offer. Check your account today to see if you were targeted!

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