Wanderjaunt: A Hotel Chain Within Airbnb

I’ve always been apprehensive about using Airbnb. For some reason the thought of staying in somebody else’s house always seemed weird to me. I’ve heard plenty of great experiences from family and friends about how inexpensive it is, and how amazing their hosts have been. Of course there’s also been a few negative experiences about double bookings, angry neighbors and dirty apartments. A new startup called Wanderjaunt aims to take the uncertainty out of rentals by creating a hotel chain within Airbnb.

Wanderjaunt: A Hotel Chain Within Airbnb

Wanderjant’s goal is to provide a similar experience at every rental they manage. To accomplish this, Wanderjaunt takes care of furnishing all rentals. When you check into a Westin brand hotel, you know you’re getting it’s signature Heavenly bed. Wanderjaunt wants it’s renters to have the same piece of mind in every rental. In addition to furnishing, Wanderjaunt managed properties include 24 hour management and a professional cleaning team after each rental.

Since each property is professionally managed, Wanderjaunt’s rentals typically receive a 5 star review on Airbnb. With such highly rated properties, owners are typically able to command a higher price than their neighbors. This higher price point will often negate the fees being paid to Wanderjaunt for management. A true win-win for everybody.

Wanderjaunt’s Airbnb Profile

Long-Term Plans & Growth

Eventually Wanderjaunt plans to purchase their own properties to own and manage on Airbnb. To help start that process, the company recently secured $2 million in seed money. At the moment Wanderjaunt has only rolled out to the Phoenix-Scottsdale market. This provides a lower cost environment to get up and running.

While I love the idea behind Wanderjaunt, I wonder what Airbnb thinks about their business model? Could Airbnb decide they want to jump into the management game and prohibit companies like Wanderjaunt from operating on their platform? Perhaps they’ve worked this out already, who knows…

Bottom Line

Consistency is key for short-term rentals. I’m glad to see Wanderjaunt addressing this fundamental flaw in Airbnb rentals. Unfortunately I live in Phoenix, so it’s going to be difficult to give them a try until they expand outside of my hometown. Would you consider a rental from Wanderjaunt?

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