Review: SriLankan A330 Business Class Colombo to Male

Introduction: A Trip to the Conrad Maldives
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SriLankan Airways A330-300 Business Class Colombo to Male
Conrad Maldives:
– Arrival, General Information, and Impressions
– Beach Villa
– Deluxe Beach Villa
– Superior Water Villa
– Restaurants
– Activities
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After wrapping up our brief visit to the Serendib Lounge we browsed some of the shops in Colombo Airport and then headed to our gate. There was secondary security at the gate and then us and a couple hundred other people jammed into a seating area next to the SriLankan Airways A330-300. I was very much looking forward to the SriLankan A330 Business Class experience as the plane features reverse herringbone seats on just a one hour flight!

SriLankan A330
SriLankan A330-300

Side note: It’s always entertaining to me how uninterested folks are at following the rules in airport outside the US. Some backpackers (I assume not American) decided since we were 10 minutes past boarding they would just open the door to the jet bridge and start walking on the plane themselves. Although they were sent back to the gate area there was no take down by security or anything as I imagine happening in the US.

SriLankan A330 Business Class Review CMB-MLE: Boarding and Seat

Eventually, about 20 minutes past boarding (what seemed to be a SriLankan trend), there was quite the free for all at boarding of pushing by everyone as our boarding passes had already been scanned at the secondary security check. We worked our way through the crowds and into the business class section of the A330.

SriLankan Airways A330-300 features reverse herringbone lie flat seats – certainly sufficient for an hour long flight!

SriLankan A330 Business Class Review

SriLankan A330 Business Class Review Overhead bins
A nice gentleman left his suitcase in the overhead bin like this!

SriLankan Airways A330 Business Class Review Seat SriLankan A330 Business Class CMB-MLE SriLankan A330 Business Class Review Colombo to Male - SriLankan A330 Business Class Review Seat SriLankan A330 Business Class Review Foot Space SriLankan A330 Business Class has a traditional reverse herringbone seat. If you’ve flown one you pretty much know what you’re getting. Reverse herringbone gives you plenty of room and a lie flat seat but often a narrow area for your feet based on the seat design. There also is no storage so all bags need to be stored in the overhead bins.

For the design I did appreciate how local the touches felt – carpet, pillows, seat color, etc. I also appreciated the seats had air nozzles above them and a proper (although thin) blanket and pillow for the short hour long flight.

SriLankan Airways A330 Business Class Review Colombo to Maldives: Menu, Food, and Service

Shortly after getting settled in our seats we were offered menus as well as a choice of champagne, juice, or water off a tray. Our orders were then taken before takeoff.

After a quick takeoff the flight attendant’s leaped into action to serve breakfast on a one hour flight. It’s always amusing how international airlines can manage to serve a meal in one hour and US flight attendants complain about having to do one beverage service!

Our breakfasts were on our tray table in under 15 minutes after takeoff. The quiche was pretty decent and I ate it all pretty quickly. The “relish” was really just tomato sauce. The fritters were soggy, mushy, and had a very artificial taste. Needless to say, I didn’t eat more than a couple bites of the fritters.

SriLankan A330 Business Class Breakfast

Shortly after serving us coffee and juice the trays were already being cleared to prepare for descent. With the flight attendants permission both my husband and I sat in window seats for the landing to try and check out any views.

TIP: I had virtually no views from the right side of the plane while my husband got to see tons of Maldivian islands from the left hand side. I would suggest asking the best side to sit on based on approach if flying into Male.

SriLankan A330 Business Class Review Views Male Approach
The best/only view I had from the right side of the plane
Male Airport Tarmac
Views from the one runway upon touch down
Male Airport Arrivals
View of the arrivals hall upon landing

 After a smooth landing we walked down the ramp stairs and across the tarmac area to the arrivals hall. And got to look at the gorgeous Emirates 777-300 on the walk in!

Emirates 777-300
Emirates 777-300

Because we were one of the first off due to being in business class, and having no checked baggage, we cleared immigration and were looking for the Conrad Maldives sign within 5 minutes.

SriLankan A330 Business Class: Final Thoughts

Having a reverse herringbone seat on a one hour flight is almost a waste. But a waste I certainly enjoyed! I would have loved to have had these seats on our HKG-CMB flight but it was fun to experience this SriLankan product even briefly. The service and product overall is great. I just really wish SriLankan would improve their boarding process, both timeliness, and the free for all, which would make the start of the flight much more pleasant!

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