5,000 AA Miles For A Three Day Car Rental

American Airlines announced a nice rental car deal for the next month. AAdvantage members can earn up to 5,000 AA miles for a three day car rental with Avis and Budget. The deal is valid for rentals through October 15, 2017 and bonus miles typically take 6-8 weeks to post. If you know you’ll be renting a car in the coming weeks, this can be a great option to maximize your rewards.

5,000 Bonus AAdvantage Miles – Terms & Conditions

The promotion is split into two different bonus categories: Standard and Specialty cars. You’ll need to rental a specialty car to be eligible for the 5,000 mile bonus. Standard rentals will earn 2,500 miles. Here are the car types classified as “Specialty” by Avis/Budget:

5,000 AAdvantage bonus miles offer valid on a minimum qualifying rental of 3 or more consecutive days on specialty vehicles. These vehicles include Luxury (car group H), Convertible (car group K), Premium SUV (car group L), Standard Elite SUV (car group S), Minivan (car group V) , and Full Size SUV (car group Z).

Appropriate discount codes and all the other fine print can be found on the booking page.

Is This A Good Deal?

As always, YMMV. I think there’s definitely a few scenarios in which I’d jump on this deal. First, if I already have a car rental of 3+ days planned for the next month. Earning 5,000 AAdvantage miles is typically a much better value than what a car rental company can offer with their own rewards program. Of course make sure you compare the price with the deal to what you can find on Kayak, AutoSlash, etc. to make sure it’s in line. It won’t make sense to pay a bunch of extra money just to earn miles.

Another scenario in which this can make sense is one-way travel. Right now the seasons are changing and car rental companies often need to shift inventory from one region to another. For example, The busy season is about to begin in my hometown of Phoenix. As a result, one-way car rentals from San Diego to Phoenix are a great deal at the moment.

Let’s say that I had a three day trip to San Diego planned for my wife and I next month. In theory, I could book a one-way flight, and pick up an Avis rental upon my arrival. Instead of paying ~ $125/each ($250 total) to fly us back, we can book a one way premium rental for $155 and drive back. That would qualify us for a 5,000 mile bonus – way more miles than we’d earn flying – and save almost $100. Plus we’d have a rental car for our whole stay in San Diego, which we’d likely need anyway.

One-way rental deals are great when seasons change

Bottom Line

Sure this deal isn’t huge, but every mile counts. If this opportunity meshes with travel you’ve already got planned for the next month, then definitely take a look! It’s better than anything most car rental companies can offer on their own.

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