Review: Serenediva Airside Transit Hotel Colombo

Introduction: A Trip to the Conrad Maldives
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After landing from our A321 SriLankan Business Class flight the Maldives were so close we could almost taste it. Unfortunately we had a night at the Serenediva Airside Transit Hotel in the Colombo airport to get through first. As I wrote about before SriLankan does have a free overnight layover perk however we decided that we were going to pass up the free hotel room (reasons in this link).

Serenediva Airside Transit Hotel Colombo – Booking

It’s worth noting that although the Serenediva Hotel has a TripAdvisor listing there isn’t too much info on it otherwise. There is one simple page on SriLankan’s website that gives you an email address to reserve a room.

Luckily I found it was actually quite fast to get a response from the email and received the rate sheet as a Word document within a few hours of sending the email.

Serenediva Transit Hotel Rates

I was told the Select rooms were slightly larger with a wood floor and tub after asking via email. While the Deluxe rooms had a shower and either tiled or carpeted floors. Knowing I certainly would not be interested in taking a bath at this hotel I went for the cheaper option.

I wouldn’t take the above rates as fact however because it was explained to me via email (after I booked) that the rate was actually $60 for the Deluxe for 6 hours. Making our 8 hour stay $90. Not quite sure why the Word doc is difficult to update but I didn’t feel like fighting about it.

Serenediva Airside Transit Hotel Colombo – Check-in and Room

After exiting our flight we followed the signs to the Serenediva Lounge and Transit Hotel and found ourselves there in a few minutes. Once we approached the desk I was quite happy about our decision to pass up our free night and be right at our lodging within 5 minutes of stepping off our plane. We quickly checked in and walked about 20 feet to our door in the hallway.

Note: a woman approached at the same time as us to get a room (around 10pm) and was told the rooms were fully sold out. So definitely make a reservation if intending to stay here! 

Serenediva Colombo Airside Transit Hotel Review - Hallway
Hallway just past check-in desk that contained many of the rooms (including ours on the left). It was very sparse and outdated but wasn’t filthy or anything
Serenediva Colombo Airside Transit Hotel Review - Hallway 2
Hallway for remainder of rooms

Pre-points game I was a traditional college aged backpacker. That meant lots of hostels. And from the looks of the room online I was expecting something similar here. Very sparse, no amenities, but hopefully clean. I mostly got what I wanted….

Serenediva Colombo Airside Transit Hotel Review
Sparse but comfortable, and most importantly, CLEAN bed!

Serenediva Transit Hotel Review

Serenediva Airside Transit Hotel Review

Lovely ceiling 😉

The bathroom was where things got a little less comfortable but the toilet was clean at least.

Serenediva Colombo Airside Transit Hotel Review - Bathroom

Serenediva Colombo Airside Transit Hotel Review - Toiletries Serenediva Airside Transit Hotel Review - Shower

Serenediva Colombo Airside Transit Hotel Review - Shower

The shower did not look as well maintained however. So we decided to just skip the shower and wait for the Conrad Maldives Lounge because our flight was so early anywas.

A couple more notes from our stay:

  • Received a (not requested) wake-up call 20 minutes before check-out.
  • The room stayed nice and cold which was much appreciated!
  • We were given two bottles of water
  • We actually attempted to check out what channels the tiny TV had but one battery was missing from the remote. Perhaps a previous guest got really desperate?

Serenediva Airside Transit Hotel Colombo – Final Thoughts

Frankly this “hotel” is firmly below average. And for $90/night you can get something MUCH nicer in the Colombo area. However, we only had a 9 hour layover. Once you factor in clearing immigration, getting a shuttle or taxi to a hotel, then arriving back in the morning to clear security and immigration while leaving a cushion, we were happy to spend the $90 for the Serenediva.

We were able to get 7 hours of solid sleep in a comfortable and clean bed. And roll out of bed 45 minutes before our flight, grab a quick snack in the lounge, and head to our gate. After all, when heading to the Maldives you certainly want to be well rested to enjoy it!

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