SriLankan Airways A321 Business Class Review Hong Kong to Colombo

Introduction: A Trip to the Conrad Maldives
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Star Alliance Business Class Lounge at LAX
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Asiana Business Class Lounge in Seoul
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Conrad Hong Kong
Qantas Business Class Lounge Hong Kong
Sri Lankan A321 Business Class Hong Kong to Colombo
Serenediva Colombo Airside Transit Hotel
Serendib Lounge Colombo
SriLankan Airways A330-300 Business Class Colombo to Male
Conrad Maldives:
– Arrival, General Information, and Impressions
– Beach Villa
– Deluxe Beach Villa
– Superior Water Villa
– Restaurants
– Activities
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After a really great visit at the Qantas lounge we emerged back into the crowds of Hong Kong airport and headed to our SriLankan gate. Unfortunately our flight was departing from the Midfield Concourse which meant hopping on the crowded people mover, ruining most of the tranquil feelings from the lounge.

SriLankan Airways A321 Business Class Review: Hong Kong to Colombo

We got to our gate a little early, and promptly got bored, so headed to check out the “observation deck”. Which really was just a small outdoor area with some glass that seemed to be more of a smoking patio. Either way, it did have some nice views:

Hong Kong Midfield Concourse Observation Deck and Smoking Area

After checking out the observation deck we patiently waited for boarding in the business class line. We then had our tickets scanned but were all stopped, including the economy passengers, for 15 minutes in a carpeted area just before the jetway. We were informed that the crew was still cleaning so it would be 10 minutes. My question is, why “board the plane” and let us stand in a hot area for an extra 10 minutes then? Either way, this seemed to be a common occurrence according to the woman behind us.

Eventually they opened both lines and everyone streamed in together through the forward door, business and economy alike, making it quite the free for all.

SriLankan Airways A321 Business Class Review: Seats, Service, and Dinner

I’m going to keep this brief because 1) the boarding free for all meant not a lot of good pictures and 2) there wasn’t much of note.

SriLankan’s A321 business class seats are very similar to US domestic first class except they have more legroom, recline further, and have a footrest. SriLankan A321 Business Class Review HKG-CMB Seats SriLankan A321 Business Class Review Hong Kong to Colombo - Seats SriLankan A321 Business Class Review HKG-CMB - Seat

Overall the seat was fine. We settled in easily and were able to take off about 30 minutes past the scheduled time due to boarding delay and a little bit of waiting in line for takeoff.

Since this is more a “mini-review” here are a few quick notes

  • We were greeted quickly and offered champagne, juice, or water
  • The plane was FREEZING
  • The plane also had a not so pleasant smell to it
  • Menus and water bottles were quickly distributed after takeoff:
SriLankan A321 Business Class Review Hong Kong-Colombo - Predeparture Beverage
Predeparture Champagne

SriLankan A321 Business Class Review HKG to CMB - Dinner Menu

SriLankan A321 Business Class Review HKK-CMB Wine List

SriLankan A321 Business Class Review Hong Kong to Colombo Alcohol Menu SriLankan A321 Business Class Review - Liquor Menu

I decided to go for the chicken, having already won the bet of shrimp on a plane once this trip ;). After receiving some warm nuts (not pictured) the entire meal was quickly dropped on our tray tables:

SriLankan Airways A321 Business Class Review HKG to CMB- Dinner
Chicken Palu Kol Curry

The beet salad pictures at the top was…not good. The beets tasted very much out of a can and were not fresh. The fruit was just OK. The main dish was very good though! Stewed type meats usually hold best on the plane and this was no exception. The carrots were very spicy which I enjoyed, and just overall not being familiar with Sri Lankan food, was quite happy with the entire dish.

Trays were quickly collected and I took a long snooze so not much to report on the in flight entertainment front but the selection was pretty standard.

SriLankan Airways A321 Business Class Review: Final Thoughts

Overall it was a nice flight. Would I have preferred Cathay Pacific reverse herringbone lay flat seats? Well yes, of course. But we got these flights for a steal using Ultimate Rewards points through their travel portal, so I was pretty happy with what we got. Plus…this was all about getting to the Maldives anyways!

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