Review: Thai Airways Business Class Seoul to Hong Kong 777-300

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After we spent a few hours in Asiana’s Business Class Lounge we headed to our gate. Easily visible was our Thai Airways 777-300 for our flight from Seoul to Hong Kong. This particular flight is a fifth freedom flight that goes from Seoul-Hong Kong-Bangkok.

Thai Airways 777-300
Thai Airways 777-300

Thai Airways Business Class Review ICN-HKG 777-300

We were quickly greeted by smiling Thai Airways flight attendants and took our first look at the seats on this wide-body plane. The Thai 777-300 offers 5 rows of angle flat seats in a 2x3x2 configuration so naturally we took a window and aisle seat together on the right side of the plane.

Thai Airways Business Class Review 777-300

Thai Airways 777-300 Business Class Review

Thai Airways Business Class 777-300 Seats

As you can see there is a bit of a purple motif going on. I found it fun and a nice break for the norm, my husband found it slightly over the top. Either way we were happy to have a comfortable seat for the 3ish hour flight to Hong Kong after not sleeping too much.

The IFE screen was average sized with quite a few movie options. Unfortunately there was zero storage other than the seatback where an iPad or small tablet could be slipped into. The lack of storage luckily wasn’t an issue because of how empty business class was. I thought the hard product worked otherwise. It gave plenty of legroom, was plenty wide enough , and the seat was well padded.

Thai Airways Business Class Entertainment and Seats Thai Airways Business Class Review Headphones and Seat Controls

The headphones were average but plenty sufficient for a three hour flight with the seat controls on the left armest and plenty simple to figure out.

Thai Airways Business Class Review: Onboard Service and Menus

After settling into our seats were offered juice, champagne, or water off a tray. Since we were just starting a vacation we naturally selected the champagne. We were also quickly offered the menu as well as a choice of newspapers:

Thai Airways Business Class Review Champagne

Thai Airways Business Class Menu ICN-HKG

Thai Airways Business Class Review Alcohol Menu ICN-HKG Thai Airways Business Class Menu Wine Seoul to Hong Kong I decided to select the marinated prawn in the spicy sauce. Shrimp on a plane always is a risk but I love spicy food so decided to go for it. I also selected the Haut Medoc to be served with my lunch despite it not being a good wine pairing for spicy seafood.

The service was very prompt, very friendly, and felt personalized despite a decent sized business class cabin (which was about half full).

Thai Airways Business Class Review: Lunch

We started with just almonds and water. Not being a big almond fan I passed these on to my husband.

Thai Airways Business Class Nuts

Thai Airways Business Class Review Appetizer Seoul to Hong Kong

A tablecloth was set, the tray was brought individually, and bread was then served out of a bread basket. I had said “no salmon” since I only eat raw salmon and not cooked (bizzare, I know). They brought it out anyways but luckily it was very much on the rare side and surprisingly decent with some lemon squeezed over the top.

On the side we were also given a wedge of cheese, crackers, kimchi, and butter.

Thai Airways Business Class Lunch Entree ICN-HKG

After I finished the salmon appetizer the dish was removed and the marinated prawns were brought out. I should have known when Thai Airways called something spicy is actually would be spicy, look at those chilies!

I was really happily surprised, it was quite good. Cooked well, lots of flavor, lots of spicy, and fluffy white rice.

Thai Airways Business Class Dessert ICN-HKG

The apple cheese crumble cake, on the other hand, was not good. The “crumble” had zero crisp or crunch. It kind of tasted like I was eating one of these apple fruit bars you can buy in a store.

I was pleased with the Thai Airways meal overall. After being so dissatisfied with my Asiana First Class meal it was great to just have a straightforward, fresh, tasting meal 35,000 feet in the air. The meal was completed after just 40 minutes as well!

Thai Airways Business Class Review: Other Notes

After not getting much sleep on the Asiana flight I was pretty exhausted so put the seat into angle lie flat mode. I didn’t feel as if I was sliding down due to the footstop, and with a thick wool type blanket, I felt pretty cozy and napped for about 90 minutes. When I woke up we were pretty close to Hong Kong and felt very refreshed.

At this point I was looking forward to being about 30 minutes early to Hong Kong. Unfortunately we seemed to circle endlessly for no given reason. I did get a good look at many of the outlying islands outside of Hong Kong proper however. Eventually we did touch down smoothly and pulled into our gate next to a China Eastern A321.

Thai Airways Hong Kong Landing

China Eastern A321
China Eastern A321

Thai Airways Business Class Review: Bottom Line

I really enjoyed this flight. First any type of flat seat, even angle lie flat, is always very nice on a short 3 hour flight. But the always kind Thai hospitality coupled with fresh, flavorful food made this a really nice last leg before spending a few days in Hong Kong.

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