Wait For The Next Solar Eclipse

Talk of tomorrow’s solar eclipse is at fever pitch. Special eclipse viewing glasses are flying off the shelves. Schools are keeping kids indoors for their safety. Rental car agencies and hotels are booked. There’s also been reports of hotels canceling existing reservations in hopes of gouging new customers with highly inflated rates. Wow, who knew this would be such a big deal? If you feel like you’re missing out, just take a deep breath and relax. Just wait for the next solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse – Not So Rare After All

First things first, just because the United States happens to be the epicenter of the latest solar eclipse, that doesn’t mean it’s such a rare occurrence. Everyone’s favorite Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson said it best via his Twitter account the other day:

Solar Eclipse Isn't A Big Deal

If you feel like you’re missing something big, have no fear. The fine people at timeanddate.com compiled a neat list of upcoming solar eclipse times and locations. It looks like July 2nd, 2019 is a good time to get down to South America for the next total solar eclipse. That sounds like a much better trip than paying $500/night for a roadside motel in Boise. No offense to any of our Idaho readers of course. Besides, those quirky eclipse viewing glasses will likely be selling for a fraction of their original price starting Tuesday! You might as well stock up for 2019 now.

Bottom Line

If you’re reading this blog, you’re obviously a miles and points enthusiast. If you really want to catch a solar eclipse, start eyeing 2019 and put a real vacation around it. Stock up some points for award travel to South America. You can check out the Amazon rain forest, maybe Machu Picchu or Iguazu Falls all while taking in the eclipse. That sounds a lot better than an overpriced rental car to Boise!

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