Up to $900 in Robocall Carnival Class Action Lawsuit

There have been news stories floating around regarding a robocall class action website against Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian. Many people aren’t quite sure how legitimate this is but the robocall Carnival Class Action lawsuit is 100% legitimate and can get you a BIG payout of up to $300 per call, up to a $900 maximum. Charvat vs. Carnival has the opportunity to be very lucrative if you have cruised with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or Norwegian.

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Robocall Carnival Class Action Background

At some point Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian used an organization, Resort Marketing Group, Inc. to do marketing on their behalf. Unfortunately for all the companies involved they began making unsolicited calls to landlines and cell phones. As a result Philip Charvat, a man who received said calls, decided to file a class action believing the calls violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Well, a settlement was reached and now  there is a fund to be between $7,000,000 and $12,500,000. The final payouts will be determined on the number of claims filed. After attorneys fees the final payout could be up to $300 per call, with a $900 maximum. Or, if the number of claims are overwhelming, you could end up with just a few dollars.

Carnival Class Action Eligibility and Claim Details

The last time I took a cruise was 2009 to Alaska. And my mom paid for my grandmother, her, and I to go on it (P.S. I HIGHLY recommend Alaska either just as a destination or via a cruise). When my mom sent me the link I didn’t pay much attention at first. Because I did not pay for the cruise and was unsure if I ever gave my phone number, I assumed I wouldn’t be eligible. But like a dutiful daughter I eventually went ahead and put my phone number in to check and was eligible!

Robocall Carnival Class Action Lawsuit - Charvat vs Carnival Claim page
A 5 minute claims process!

Filing my claim was dead simple from there – just name, address, email, etc. and I was filed.

To Check Eligibility and File your Claim:

  • Go to https://www.rmgtcpasettlement.com/Landing.aspx 
  • Simply select “I did NOT receive a notice and do not have a claim number, but would like to see if my phone number is a part of this settlement and File securely Online.”
  • Enter your phone number
  • If eligible you will see a message like mine above and you can file electronically from there

Note that all claims need to be filed by November 3, 2017!

For additional questions the website also has a robust FAQ’s section to check out.

Bottom Line

If you’ve been on a cruise over the past 10+ years on either Carnival, Norwegian, or Royal Caribbean make sure to check if you’re eligible! I was surprised to see I was and I imagine there are many other who do not realize they are eligible as well.

H/T to my mom 😉

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