Rise of Text Message Concierge. Now that’s good service!

More hotels have been rolling out text messaging features as an additional way to communicate with guests. This text message concierge service is often automated, such as when I stayed at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas which featured “Rose”, an automated chatbot concierge. Other hotels are making a personal connection with guests by sending them a text message before their stay.

I experienced such a thing at the Millennium Hilton New York this week and was happy before I even got to the hotel. Which is exactly the way guests should feel.

Millennium Hilton New York Text Message Concierge

The day of check-in I received the below from Javier. May have been an automated message at the first contact, not sure. Now it is a rare occasion that I actually need assistance so I was interested to see how it went. First, I wanted to make them aware of my late arrival. Second, I had some work documents to print. I was happy to do it myself but wanted to make sure it would be easy and available.

Text Message Concierge Millennium Hilton Messages

Well as you can see from below the Millennium Hilton went above and beyond with what happened next. In addition to offering to print them ahead of my arrival the text message replies came fast and furious. And also an email to me very quickly as well.

Now I typically am pretty low maintenance so even though I know requests like this can be accommodated the proactive contact and quick response were much appreciated.

Millennium Hilton New York Text Message Help

And as promised the documents were waiting for me at check-in. Printed, in an envelope with my name on it, and handed to me within seconds. In addition, I received a text message the next morning asking about my stay.

Oddly enough, my coworkers who I was traveling with said it was a little odd. But then, one of them had a request they hadn’t wanted to wait in line for. They sent it to the Millennium via text message, quickly got their request handled, and were significantly happier than they would have been otherwise.

Bottom Line

Anything hotels can do to differentiate themselves in a crowded market is a good idea. And considering I stayed at the Doubletree Hilton half a mile away, just a week before, there certainly is a lot of competition in New York. The text messaging feature offers an easy, low cost, way to stay engaged with guests. When many business oriented hotels are more or less the same, service like this is what will keep me coming back.

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