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Star Alliance Business Class Lounge at LAX
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After arriving from a pleasant PHX-LAX connecting leg on Delta (which I “paid” for first class on) we took a shuttle bus airside from Delta’s terminal 2 to Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT or Terminal B). From there we followed the signage to the Star Alliance First Class Lounge.

The entrance can be a little hidden. I didn’t get a good pic of this so am using this picture from Lounge Buddy to show what the entrance looks like. The First Class Lounge is set off to the right hand side and was unstaffed with doors closed.

Star Alliance First Class Lounge Entrance - Mockup
Business Class lounge entrance on left, First Class entrance on right

The funny part is that as we approached the entrance to the First Class lounge the employee standing at the Business Class lounge entrance stated “are you sure you’re not in business class?”. Yes, actually I am. I thought at first it was due to our attire not being fancy enough. But, once I entered the lounge and realized it was empty, maybe they just assumed nobody was joining that evening.

LAX Star Alliance First Class Lounge

I was struck by of course how it was completely empty, but also by how small the lounge was. Of course, there are a very limited number of passengers with access to the First Class lounge. That’s because so many Star Alliance flights don’t feature a first class cabin. The evening we were there it was only our Asiana flight that had a first class cabin – except for a United flight which was not departing from TBIT.

LAX Star Alliance First Class Lounge
Empty LAX Star Alliance First Class Lounge
Star Alliance First Class Lounge LAX Seating
Star Alliance First Class Lounge LAX Seating
Star Alliance First Class Lounge LAX - a la carte dining
Star Alliance First Class Lounge LAX – a la carte dining

In the back, near the entrance to the restrooms, there was also an entrance to the business class lounge to shower, or just to check it out if desired.

After taking a quick look at the lounge, since it was in fact just one medium sized room, we settled in near the television to relax a bit. We were immediately greeted by the same employee who checked us in who gave us an a la carte dining menu:

Star Alliance First Class Lounge LAX Menu
Star Alliance First Class Lounge LAX Menu

We found the menu pretty uninspiring. Just really basic and nothing that screamed “first class”. We passed on everything but the cheesecake which was exactly as one may think, might have been Sara Lee, might have been made fresh.

Star Alliance First Class Lounge LAX – Food and other facilities

This title is a little misleading because frankly there wasn’t much else. Some food, drink, and one male and one female bathroom.

LAX Star Alliance First Class Lounge Food

LAX Star Alliance First Class Lounge Food - Yogurt, granola, cheese, fruit LAX Star Alliance First Class Lounge Food - Sandwhiches LAX Star Alliance First Class Lounge Food - Macaroons

The food and drinks were pretty nice selection wise, especially once taking into account the a la carte menu. Beau Joie is also a very nice lounge champagne option retailing for $80 or so a bottle. I just did a little grazing and everything was pretty decent although not gourmet.

The restrooms were straightforward with just one male and one female bathroom:

Star Alliance First Class Lounge LAX - Sink Star Alliance First Class Lounge LAX - Toilet

Random note:

We asked the employees to turn the TV from ESPN Deportes to regular ESPN so we could watch a game. For some reason this request was impossible to accomplish. She got flustered and said she’d have to check on how. We then asked a different employee who stopped in to check on us, he said he would look into, and we never heard anything else.

I have no idea why it would be complicated to change the channel as I presume not every first class guest in the lounge is interested in ESPN Deportes but it was really odd how it was handled since we were alone in the lounge.

Bottom Line

Even though the first class lounge is very elegant, has a nice drink selection, and a la carte dining, it certainly isn’t one of the best in the world.  I certainly can see why the peacefulness of the lounge is a huge benefit. However, we were just starting a fun vacation and it was a little dull being alone in there. Employees trying to casually check on us without intruding also was a little awkward.

After about an hour we decided to check out the business class lounge, in particular the rooftop terrace. We thought we may return but enjoyed the rooftop terrace so much we never did.

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