CRAZY Picture from SFO Near Miss by Air Canada

Articles have been written, and mockups done, of the near miss at SFO on July 7th. Newly released photos show exactly how close that Air Canada plane was to other planes, including a United 787 and other widebody aircraft.

For those not familiar with the incident, the SFO near miss happened when an Air Canada flight accidentally lined up to land on a taxiway. A taxiway that held four widebody jets all fully loaded with fuel. The Air Canada plane came within 59 feet off the ground. 

Near miss Air Canada SFO

While the SFO near miss has been well documented in many articles this picture, just released yesterday, shows exactly how close it was. Luckily, the United pilot gave a heads up to air traffic control just in time. Air Canada was then alerted and safely able to do a go around.

Aviation experts have said that had the Air Canada flight not pulled up in time to do the go around it very likely would have been the largest air disaster in history. To put that in perspective, the Tenerife airport disaster suffered 583 fatalities when two 747’s collided in 1977.

Bottom Line of SFO Near Miss

Seeing the actual picture of this near miss at SFO is a little insane. Hearing 59 feet is scary but seeing the seeing this in a picture is terrifying. Thank god for everyone who was involved for averting this disaster, in particular the United pilot.

The full NTSB update on the incident can be found here with even more pictures showing all four planes and how close of a miss it was.

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